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Enter the battlefield of Storm Warfare, a digital card game where you command WWII factions and engage in tactical combat. With dynamic NFTs representing unique Commanders and cards, players can own, trade, and enhance their collections.

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Storm Warfare is a free-to-play digital trading card game set during World War II. The game combines the elements of traditional collectible card games with digital innovations, providing an immersive experience where players command historical armies and execute strategic maneuvers. By leveraging blockchain technology, Storm Warfare introduces the Play-and-Earn concept, allowing players to trade in-game assets and tokens, transforming their gaming skills into valuable rewards.

Storm Warfare takes players back to the era of World War II, a period marked by the greatest conflict in human history. Involving over 30 countries and more than 100 million soldiers, the game sets its battles across historically accurate battleboards. Players command various factions, each representing major WWII powers like Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, and the Soviet Union. Each faction comes with its unique set of cards, tactics, and play styles, reflecting their real-world counterparts and the strategies used during the war.

Gameplay and Features

Deck building is a crucial aspect of Storm Warfare, allowing players to craft strategies that suit their play style. Each deck consists of 30 cards, and players can earn, trade, or purchase additional cards to enhance their collection and explore new tactics. The game features a variety of cards, including unit, event, hero, and weapon cards, each playing a unique role in the battlefield.

Commanders are vital in Storm Warfare, representing players during matches. Each Commander belongs to a specific class—Infantry, Tank, Aircraft, Navy, or Support—determining their unique abilities and special powers. Commanders start with 30 Defense, and the primary goal is to reduce the enemy Commander’s Defense to zero to win the game. Players can have multiple Commanders from any faction and can rent, sell, or buy Commanders to develop diverse strategies.

The game features several factions, each with its own distinct play style. Germany focuses on controlled aggression with a mix of event cards and aggressive unit effects. The United States offers a blend of high-attack and durable cards, along with versatile event cards to maintain resources. The United Kingdom excels at defense, using high-defense units and event cards to fortify positions. Japan emphasizes relentless aggression with expendable units that overwhelm the enemy. The Soviet Union prioritizes versatility, with strong death toll effects and reinforcement cards.

Storm Warfare offers a variety of game modes to suit different player preferences. The tutorial and casual modes are ideal for beginners, allowing them to learn the game mechanics and test new strategies without pressure. Ranked PvP mode provides a competitive environment where players engage in intense battles to climb the ranks and earn unique rewards. Battlefield mode is a multi-step deck drafting mode that offers high-risk, high-reward gameplay with the potential for significant rewards. Campaigns mode features single-player challenges based on pivotal moments of World War II, allowing players to advance through maps and defeat iconic Commanders.

Core gameplay in Storm Warfare is turn-based, where players aim to defeat the enemy Commander by reducing their Defense to zero. Each game starts with a mulligan phase, allowing players to select their starting cards. Players earn Command Points (CP) each turn, which are required to play cards, activate abilities, and perform various actions. Strategic management of resources, careful selection of cards, and planning future moves are essential to outmaneuver opponents and secure victory.

Cards in Storm Warfare represent various actions such as attack, defense, or support. They are categorized into different unit types like Infantry and Tanks and come with various abilities and features. Players can acquire cards through booster packs, events, and the marketplace. Deck building involves creating a balanced deck that synergizes well and adapts to different battlefield conditions.

NFTs and Blockchain

Storm Warfare uses blockchain technology to grant players true digital ownership of in-game items. Players can trade, sell, or rent earned cards, turning their gaming skills into valuable assets. The game employs the $JAN token as the main currency, enabling seamless transactions and rewards across the JAN portfolio. Players can stake tokens for in-game benefits, dynamic APY pools, and unique royalties access.

Each Commander in Storm Warfare is represented as an NFT, providing unique identities and value. Commanders can age, earn ranks, and receive medals based on their achievements, increasing their value over time. Players will be able to rent powerful Commanders for a few games at auction or buy them permanently to use in Ranked PvP. As Commanders age and are upgraded, their value and price will increase. Players can also auction off their cards. When they receive cards—whether Unit Cards, Event Cards, Hero Cards, or Weapon Cards—from booster packs or missions, they can put them up for auction. The marketplace provides a viable method to acquire specific cards needed to enhance gameplay.

In addition to cards and Commanders, Battle Boards and Card Backs are also available as NFTs. Battle Boards define the battlegrounds for matches, featuring historic moments and iconic battlefields of WW2. Players can engage in battles over the Pacific, reenact the tank battle at Kursk, and play in other significant WW2 locations. Card Backs, representing a player's approach to their decks, are artistic cosmetics that can be earned through Ranked PvP, bought from the Store, or acquired from other players in the Marketplace. They also feature unique animations, adding a personalized touch to each player's deck.

How to Get Started

Storm Warfare has recently launched and is now available on several platforms, including web browsers, Windows, and iOS, with mobile support also in development. For new players, the card game mechanics might seem complex, so it's recommended to check out the Beginner's Guide to get a comprehensive understanding of the game.

For those interested in delving deeper, the Storm Warfare Genesis NFT collection offers a unique opportunity. Genesis Commander NFT holders enjoy exclusive benefits both in-game and out-of-game, such as Token Airdrops, Card Drops, and a 5% discount on all in-game purchases. Storm Warfare continues to expand with prized tournaments, new booster packs, and additional content packs, ensuring a dynamic and evolving gaming experience for all players.

About Storm Warfare

Storm Warfare

Storm Warfare is a strategic digital card game set in World War II, featuring dynamic NFTs that evolve over time and a robust marketplace for trading in-game assets.


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