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Sparkball features top-down gameplay where players control a single hero in objective-based maps similar to MOBAs such as League of Legends, DotA2, or Heroes of the Storm. Sparkball is designed to be significantly faster and more action-packed than traditional MOBAs. Combat is intense and relies heavily on skillshots, dodging, and outplaying your opponent rather than farming minions 90% of the time!

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Ever dreamt of what would be the result of two games from wildly different genres got mashed up together? The team over at Sparkadia managed to take what makes sports and MOBA games popular and brought the best of both worlds together in Sparkball, formerly Edenbrawl.

The game takes the traditional sports elements of two goals and players needing to score points within that area to win the game and League of Legends for example where each character possesses different abilities, can buy items, and has an ultimate skill that can alter the pace of the game. All of these elements make Sparkball an incredibly fast paced game that needs tons of team coordination to overtake your opponents.

In the thrilling game of Sparkball, two teams of four players each square off with the primary aim of taking down the rival team's goalie and scoring against their goal. The team that scores the final goal in each round wins, and matches are played in a best of three format. As the game progresses, players can accumulate extra power for their characters through gold, which they can earn by defeating their opponents in combat, strategically using the ball to disable towers, and successfully completing various small objectives scattered across the map. A successful Sparkball team requires a blend of teamwork, strategic coordination, and a balance between combat and proper ball play to triumph over their adversaries.


Eight unique heroes are available to play in the "Ascension Weekend" event of Sparkball, including crowd-pleasers like the obsessively neat 'Jan Itor' who can reel in enemies using his toilet plunger, and the space-faring chef 'Kana' infamous for ruthlessly mowing down opponents with her food truck. Even though Sparkball doesn't mandate specific roles or positions, each hero has distinctive abilities and attributes that influence the course of the match in unique ways, making a well-balanced team composition crucial to victory.

But Worldspark's ambitions extend beyond Sparkball alone. They are actively working on expanding their multimedia IP, 'Sparkadia', the fantastical universe in which Sparkball is set. Sparkadia transports players into a hopeful, utopian realm filled with warmth and populated by the most eccentric characters. One such character is its official diplomat, Max, a chatty Golden Retriever, who not only serves as our guide but is also on a quest to find his missing tennis ball.

The three roles are Vanguard, Assault, and Support. Each one of them have certain abilities to fit their position, and some heroes are common between each role with minor adjustments in its abilities.

Sparkadia features a profile portrait NFT mechanic focused around your favorite Hero called "Hero Cards". Each card consists of three different elements that make up the NFT.

Hero Cards open up new progression pathways for players. They can stake them to receive a ticket buff to their ticket pass, and they can progress the Portrait by burning NFTs into it. This unlocks additional buffs in other areas of the ecosystem and games.

The rarer the Portrait, the higher the buff levels a player can reach. For example, an uncommon rarity Portrait might have a +5% ticket buff cap that can be reached by burning NFTs, but a legendary rarity Portrait can reach a +25% ticket buff cap.


Dwellings can be described as your hideout or home within the Sparkball universe. Players can select a primary structure and personalize the structure itself and the space around it. All Dwellings within Sparkadia are instanced, meaning the space is not physically accessible directly from the primary Sparkadia city, but rather, teleporting to it.

Six dwelling Tiers exist within Sparkadia:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Mythic

The more you take care of your dwelling and level it up, the potential to get access to such as game progression elements, cosmetic unlocks, reward progression, and other elements to utilize within Sparkball and other Sparkadia games increases.

How to Get Started

Sparkball is a free-to-play title so anyone is welcomed to pick it up and play. The game has their first NFT drop scheduled for September 2022, offering players the chance to mint one of the 8 heroes from the Origin collection. 

Early Access is scheduled for November 2022.

About Sparkball



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Sparkball combines the action combat of a brawler with the endless depth of a MOBA to create a “Mobrawler”, a unique experience that grips you match 1 and keeps you engaged at match 10,000.




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