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Space Mavericks offers a unique twist on classic artillery gameplay. Players engage in battles influenced by the gravitational forces of planets, using a variety of spaceships and commanders with specialized abilities.

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Space Mavericks is a real-time, multiplayer game that reimagines classic artillery gameplay within a space-based arena. As a free-to-play and play-to-earn title, it invites players to navigate the strategic depths of space combat, where physics and precision meet large-scale battles. This game combines the targeted shooting mechanics popularized by games like Worms with the competitive structure of MOBAs, such as League of Legends.

The setting of Space Mavericks is a universe meticulously crafted by extraterrestrial beings, filled with diverse characters known as Mavericks. These characters range from combative adventurers eager for the next skirmish to tech-savvy engineers obsessed with spaceship mechanics. The story revolves around the idea that every ship and battle is distinct, influenced by the cryptic wisdom of a legendary cosmic rabbit named Paul. 

Gameplay and Features

In Space Mavericks, each player's journey begins by selecting a commander. Each commander comes with a uniquely designed spaceship, equipped with distinct abilities that significantly influence gameplay strategies.

Commanders serve as character avatars and strategic focal points of the payers through their unique combat capabilities:  

  • Simple Shot: This is the basic form of attack, requiring players to aim and calculate the best angle and power to hit targets. Mastery of the Simple Shot is crucial for effective gameplay, especially when adjusting for the gravitational pull of nearby celestial bodies.
  • Compound Shot: More advanced than the Simple Shot, the Compound Shot allows players to utilize attacks that can change environmental conditions on the battlefield. This might include creating barriers or temporary obstacles that can alter enemy movements or strategies.
  • Special Abilities: Each commander has a special ability that can be a game-changer in critical moments. These abilities range from defensive shields that can protect the entire team to powerful strikes capable of dealing massive damage to enemies. Special abilities often have cooldown periods, requiring strategic timing and situational awareness.

Spaceships are designed according to the physics of the game world, with each model offering different levels of agility, armor, and firepower. The gravitational forces of planets and other celestial objects affect the trajectory of shots, adding a layer of complexity and realism to the combat mechanics. Players must continually adapt their strategies based on their spaceship’s capabilities and the changing dynamics of the battlefield.

Multiplayer Modes

Space Mavericks is designed to accommodate a wide range of player preferences through its diverse multiplayer modes:

  • Solo Challenges: These are mission-based scenarios where players take on increasingly difficult objectives. Players must utilize their commanders’ abilities and their understanding of spaceship mechanics to navigate and overcome obstacles created by the game’s environment.
  • PvP Battle Royale: In this intense mode, eight players are pitted against each other with the ultimate goal of being the last one standing. Players start with limited resources and must strategize to outlast their opponents. This mode tests players' quick decision-making and strategic planning, as they must manage their resources while actively engaging or evading opponents.
  • PvE Overlord Fights: Teams of four players collaborate to defeat large bosses in these challenging encounters. Each boss has unique patterns and attacks that require teams to devise specific strategies and effectively use their combined commander abilities. Success in these fights depends on teamwork, communication, and the strategic use of each player’s special skills.

How to Get Started

Space Mavericks is gearing up for an alpha release in Q3 of 2024. For now, you can add the game to your wishlist on Steam. It will also be available on mobile devices and will support cross-platform play, providing a seamless gaming experience across different devices. For players interested in the NFTs and blockchain aspects of the game, the Goliath Pioneer Spaceship NFT might be particularly appealing. This NFT offers several utilities, such as the ability to claim pre-MVRK tokens daily on Discord, a free premium battle pass for the first season, a pioneer pack for early adopters, and early access to the alpha version of the game.

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Space Mavericks

Space Mavericks is an artillery-style MOBA game that blends strategic space combat with real-time multiplayer action.






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