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SnakyCat combines the nostalgic gameplay of traditional snake games with modern blockchain technology. Players navigate a 2D map, guiding their feline buddies, dodging other cats, and collecting items to grow longer and compete on the leaderboard for TOWER token rewards.

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Slither your way into Snaky Cat, a fun casual game that combines retro snake-game charm with modern play-and-earn features, having officially launched on the Base chain. Developed by Appxplore and iCandy, and part of the TOWER Ecosystem, this game offers players the chance to earn TOWER tokens by competing on leaderboards.

Gameplay and Features

If you're familiar with the popular casual game, you'll find it easy to pick up SnakyCat. Its gameplay shares similarities, making the transition smooth for those who have enjoyed before.

  • A Purrfect Casual Gameplay: Players navigate their comically elongated fur friends in a 2D map, avoiding other players while collecting food to grow their feline avatar. Special powerups, like mice, extend survival time.

  • Competitive Play: Achieve a top ten leaderboard position each round to win TOWER tokens.

Web3 Integration

SnakyCat and its feline friends have found their home in the Base Blockchain as part of the TOWER ecosystem. To compete for TOWER token rewards, players need to purchase entry tickets with TOWER tokens. However, there will also be special events where entry is free, allowing everyone a chance to participate.

How to Get Started 

To start playing SnakyCat, visit the game's website (you can also try out the game here via our Play Now Feature) and connect a web3 wallet that supports the Base blockchain. Initially, you can play for free in practice mode to get a feel for the game.

If you're ready to compete for TOWER token rewards, you'll need to purchase an entry ticket. The leaderboard challenges and prize pool rewards are distributed based on rounds that last for several hours, and the rewards are divided proportionally among the players who join each round

About SnakyCat



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SnakyCat is a playful blockchain-based game where players guide a growing cat through challenges to earn TOWER tokens.