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SmithyDAO is creating Smithonia, a world where Smithonian Weapons reside and serve as a center for an interrelated crafting layer within the metaverse.

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SmithyDAO is a product on the Arbitrum network that operates within the Treasure Ecosystem and supports a hybrid economy of in-game/off-chain currency and resources. It provides utility for the $MAGIC token and its primary product, Smithonia, is directly connected to both the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem and the global economy.

Dynamic NFTsย 

The Living Weapon and Hollow Weapon NFTs are the primary actors in SmithyDAO's world of Smithonia. Resources can be sold on the Treasure Marketplace, and gold coins can be earned through gathering and other activities. Magical Gathering Missions can be undertaken with a small payment of Magic to increase the chance of better rewards. Restoring the ancient city using gathered resources earns players Restoration Points, previously known as Devotion or Loyalty Points.

The game operates on a hybrid economy of in-game/off-chain currency and resources connected to the broader cryptocurrency and global economies, utilizing the $MAGIC token. All seven weapons available in-game start as wooden material, and players who consistently play the game and accumulate the required crafting resources will be able to level them up into legendary weapons. The seven weapons are:

  1. Dagger
  2. Axe
  3. Warhammer
  4. Bow
  5. Sword
  6. Wand
  7. Staff


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To level up your Wooden Weapon, gather resources on adventures and quests. As you progress further into Smithtonia, you can unlock better gear, crafting resources, and new stories. There are 4 types of quests: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Magic, with increasing difficulty and requirements for participation. The Hall of Fame rewards the top 100 players in terms of Devotion Points, which can be earned by burning resources and TreasureNFTs. Royalties for the Living Weapons collection are distributed to the leaderboard winners in $MAGIC.

Quest rewards will vary and can include living weapons, gold, NFTs, experience, and off-chain items like potions, maps, and more. These off-chain rewards will eventually be convertible to NFTs, but for the first three months of gameplay, they will remain off-chain to minimize risk and allow for a more robust system to be developed.

How to Get Started

SmithyDAO is free for players to experience, with the Living Weapon NFTs available for purchase on TreasureDAO's Trove marketplace. At the same time, you can obtain a SmithyPass from the game's website directly.ย The SmithyPass provides exclusive rewards for the first and second season, including a new weapon frame that adds to the rarity narrative. A new SmithyPass will be released for each season, and buying one supports the development of Smithonia and the leaderboard rewards.

About SmithyDAO


SmithyDAO is building the world of Smithonia, the home of Smithonian Weapons & hub of an interoperable crafting layer weaving their way through the metaverse.