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Sidus Heroes is a turn-based RPG title that takes players to a whole new world in which technological advancements have reached a level where they have merged with all living beings, becoming as one with them.

The game adopts a player-driven economy to enrich its players’ experience, mixed in with storytelling and complex strategic gameplay depending on both your own team as well as your enemy’s composition.


Sidus Heroes offers both PvP and PvE experience to cater to both types of players. However, the PvP aspect is more rewarding and gives players more exciting and satisfying battles. The Arena is where you want to go to kickstart your gaming session. It offers players a battleground for your team of 3 characters to face other contestants for rewards.

There are a lot of factors to consider when forming your team, including their races, origin planet, abilities, and stats. Every hero has its own characteristics, stats and performs different roles in the team.

In addition to that, they possess different ammunition, clothes and talents. Heroes are redeemable through the website once you lock any of the NFT Heroes collection. Depending on the rarity of the Original NFT Hero, you will receive a Common, Epic or Legendary Hero in the game.

The Hero you receive is upgradeable and will become stronger the more quests and battles you win with it. Heroes have weapons and various slots to boost their stats, or even grant them new skills and abilities to their already existing skill set. Players can even add pets to the equation to give their lineup boosts or debuff their enemy.

Pets can be adopted, or in other words bought, through the shop and they can be earned as well from completing certain missions. You are free to have multiple pets within your inventory, but can only equip one of them before going into battle.

Sidus Heroes adds a layer of political and economical complexity to the player’s experience as well. The game’s universe consists of; planets, solar systems and the Central Station. Whenver the Central Station or the planet you belong to has a major decision to make, your role as a citizen and $SENATE holder enables you to vote and direct the future of certain sectors of Sidus Heroes.

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Sidus Heroes Review

Sidus Heroes started off with high expectations considering the amount of talent involved in its production but quickly fell short. The amount of indirect pay-to-win mechanisms in place make the game incredibly difficult to navigate and the barrier of entry behind NFTs is another major drawback to the potential adoption of the game as well considering its gameplay isn't that inviting to begin with.



Rich lore and storytelling

All platforms supported

Pets and other elements add a strategy layer


Heavily NFT gated

Relatively pay-to-win since NFT rarity affects gameplay

Much more focus on DeFi elements than actual gameplay

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About Sidus Heroes

Sidus Heroes

SIDUS transports players to a world based on crypto and blockchain philosophy in which a major technological transformation has taken place.




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