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SIDUS is the result of one of the biggest collaborations in the NFT space. Dozens of professionals from different domains and a large number of their supporters came together to launch the first ever WEBGL, AAA-level, Play-to-Earn, NFT RPG game using the latest technologies.

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SIDUS HEROEs gameplay.png
SIDUS HEROES banner 2.jpg
SIDUS HEROES gameplay 2.webp


SIDUS Heroes takes players onto a world where technology has reached such an advanced level, it is considered part of every living creature's vital systems. The game's universe is inhabited by 12 different races, each representing one of the known blockchains within web3. Some of these races include the likes of Etheredus, Avalanya, Polkacyon, among others.

Your character's stats are affected by which race it belongs to. This makes the SIDUS Heroes champion pool diverse enough to suit various playstyles. The below image showcases the core aspects of your character creation screen that you will take with you into battle.

Battles in the SIDUS Heroes take the form of 3-vs-3, turn-based combat. One round consists of 6 turns. At the start of every battle, each Hero is given 1 Energy Point and the sequence of turns is determined by the Initiative of the competing Heroes. The round is over when every Hero has had a turn.  


SIDUS Heroes at the time of writing only has one active game mode, Battle Arena. The mode is a true test to the best players with more information yet to be announced on the ranked system and rewards pool.

There are currently three Arenas, each one of them on one of the three planets present within the game's universe. Each has its own terrain and effect on characters' abilities so make sure to use it for your advantage.

  • Ogya planet - Kshass: A fiery world of changeable landscape formations and black clouds, this planet’s high volcanic activity has long since destroyed all protein-based organic matter.
  • Raptorian Planet - Sarisuru: A world of greenery and incredible organisms living in symbiosis, this is the home planet of Raptorians.
  • Voltrone Planet - Volto: A rocky planet with high temperatures and different altitudes. Sparse vegetation and a serious lack of water has led to the development of new and original forms of cooperation among living beings.

How to Get Started

The only way to play Sidus Heroe at the moment is to acquire a Genesis Hero NFT from the collection on Opensea, and an item to equip on your Hero as well if you want. 

Once you buy it, you are required to lock the NFT for a 365-day period without the possibility of an early unlock. This redeems an in-game Hero for you to play with corresponding to your locked NFT’s rarity.

About Sidus Heroes

Sidus Heroes

SIDUS transports players to a world based on crypto and blockchain philosophy in which a major technological transformation has taken place.




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