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SIDUS is the result of one of the biggest collaborations in the NFT space. Dozens of professionals from different domains and a large number of their supporters came together to launch the first ever WEBGL, AAA-level, Play-to-Earn, NFT RPG game using the latest technologies.

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SIDUS HEROES is a pioneering Web3, space-based gaming metaverse that offers interstellar exploration and conquest. Featuring epic lore, tradable tokens, and valuable resources, a player's Hero's progress is saved across multiple games within one inter-planetary ecosystem and a groundbreaking profit-sharing Module System.

Each game is set on a unique planet or space station within the Sidus Metaverse. Players can take space flights between Game Planets, knowing that all their progress, earnings, and hero upgrades will continue to accumulate. This unique strategy elevates community engagement, in-game enhancements, and endless possibilities for shaping one's destiny and fortunes to another level.

Games within the SIDUS Metaverse

SIDUS Metaverse offers a variety of games within its ecosystem: 

Nidum Arena Battler

Nidum Arena Battler is a turn-based arena game within the SIDUS Metaverse, accessible via WebGL browsers. Players immerse themselves in a world where three warlike races collide in high-intensity arenas. Heroes can be equipped with weaponry, gadgets, and armor for unparalleled power. The game is built on a Layer 2 solution and incorporates the Module Economy concept.


Xenna combines real-time strategy and Battle Royale mechanics within the SIDUS HEROES Metaverse. This Web3-based gaming ecosystem features epic lore, tradable tokens, and valuable resources. Players act as robot operators in 10-player matches, capturing towers, deploying robots, and enduring the final storm for coveted rewards.


Tembazar is the SIDUS Metaverse’s adrenaline-pumping, browser-based, 3rd-person shooter. Players dive into dynamic gameplay, exploring captivating locales on the tumultuous Temb Azar planet. Using advanced weaponry and technology, players secure valuable resources. Cyborgs can be customized with various build components, allowing strategic adjustments to defeat enemies.

Sidus Maze

Sidus Maze introduces a groundbreaking NFT concept, elevating game development to unprecedented heights. NFT owners transcend the role of mere players, becoming proprietors with unparalleled autonomy. This paradigm shift towards decentralized game creation is led by the Sidus Maze collection. Thousands of NFTs each serve as a portal to a distinct gaming experience, where players craft their own strategies, navigating through challenges tailored to their unique journeys. Each maze boasts its own NPCs, layout, and aesthetic, ensuring an endlessly captivating adventure.

Cosmic Gears

Cosmic Gears is a Telegram-based mini arcade game developed by Sidus Heroes in collaboration with Swiss luxury watchmaker Franck Muller and Bybit, a leading cryptocurrency exchange. This game combines exceptional craftsmanship, innovative design, and advanced trading features for a unique gaming experience.

Tokens and Utilities

SIDUS The $SIDUS token is a utility token integral to the SIDUS ecosystem, playing a crucial role in various in-game processes such as the labor market, transactional fees, upgrades, infrastructure construction, marketplace operations, and resource exchange. It supports both in-game and out-of-game services within the SIDUS Metaverse's economic model, promoting player cooperation and economic stability. A deflation mechanism is implemented by burning coins spent inside the game, permanently reducing the token supply.

SENATE The $SENATE token serves as a governance token within the SIDUS Metaverse. It is used in political systems (e.g., presidential and senate elections), real-estate acquisitions, spaceship construction, and the voting process. Holders of $SENATE tokens can influence faction creation and participate in project-level voting on game development. Additionally, $SENATE is required for acquiring significant items like space vessels and land plots, as well as module ownership. The token ensures a participatory gaming experience through various voting systems.

How to Get Started

To start playing Sidus Heroes, players need to purchase a Genesis Hero NFT from a secondary market like Opensea or obtain an NFT from the Sidus Items Collection and transfer it to the game via the Sidus Gateway. Once you buy it, you are required to lock the NFT for a 365-day period without the possibility of an early unlock. This redeems an in-game Hero for you to play with corresponding to your locked NFT’s rarity.

About Sidus Heroes

Sidus Heroes

SIDUS transports players to a world based on crypto and blockchain philosophy in which a major technological transformation has taken place.




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