Shoshin revolutionizes the fighting game landscape with its TPS-agnostic asynchronous gameplay. Here, players don't just fight; they engineer victory by constructing a "Mind"—a sophisticated system of editable layers that dictate their character's combat behaviors and movements.



Shoshin is a groundbreaking TPS-agnostic, asynchronous fighting game that offers a unique blend of strategy and combat. Developed by Topology on Starknet, it redefines the fighting game genre by allowing players to engage in battles not in real-time, but through strategic planning and foresight.

A Fighting Game with a Twist


Simply explained, Shoshin is your classic Tekken or Street Fighther game, but instead of pushing buttons in real time to control how your character fights, you would engineer victory by constructing a "Mind"—a sophisticated system of editable layers that dictate their character's combat behaviors and movements.

The game allows for a high degree of customization. Players can program their fighter's behavior based on various conditions such as distance from the opponent, health points remaining, or the state of "rage." This level of control means that no two Minds are alike, and the possibilities for unique strategies are nearly endless.

Changing Combat Strategy

Actions within a Mind are layered, allowing players to prioritize certain moves over others. Additionally, the "Mixups" feature introduces an element of randomness, ensuring that battles remain unpredictable and engaging. This unpredictability requires players to design Minds that are not only strategic but also adaptable to a variety of scenarios.Success in Shoshin is about prediction and adaptation.


If you anticipate a trend in the community's combat style, you can tailor your Mind to exploit common weaknesses. For example, if jumping attacks become popular, you might prioritize anti-air moves. However, this leaves you vulnerable to low attacks, so you must also incorporate defensive measures into your strategy. Combos and special attacks are also put into the mix, making the game more thrilling.

How to Get Started

Shoshin is currently in its early stages of development, but you can have a go at their demo at directly on this game page through our Play Now feature . A friendly tutorial will welcome you into the world of Shoshin, guiding you through the Basics of how the “Mind” works, as well as how to place “Layers” that determine your character’s combat tendencies and movements Upon finishing the tutorial, you can then go to the heart of the action with two distinct game modes: Arcade and Campaign.

As of now, Shoshin introduces two unique characters, Jessica and Antoc, each with their own distinctive fighting styles, combination moves, and special abilities, laying the groundwork for a diverse and strategic gameplay experience.

About Shoshin



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Shoshin is a TPS-agnostic Asynchronous Strategy Fighting Game.