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Shardbound is an immersive, multiplayer collectible tactics game packed with rich lore, deep strategy, and cutthroat competition. Set in the lush Axis islands, players must craft mind-bending card decks to outwit opponents and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Embark on an epic quest to preserve the bonds of the Lifeweave and uncover the secrets of the Shards. Own your deck and your opponents on a hex grid battlefield. Just when they think the cards are stacked against you… crush them with your signature style. Shardbound isn't waiting for the future of gaming to arrive; we're building it. Forget what you think you know — we’re breaking through all that.

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Developed by former creators of Vainglory, the breakthrough mobile game, and published by Immutable Games, Shardbound invites you into a vast universe of limitless adventure, where the world is yours for the taking. SHARDBOUND is a next-generation collectible strategy game combining the deep strategy of a tactics battler (cf. Final Fantasy Tactics), the collectibility of a collectible card game (cf. Hearthstone, MTG), the satisfying progression of “just one more run!” roguelite (cf. Hades, Slay the Spire) and the must-see-tv thrill of a head-to-head poker tournament (cf. WSOP).

Gameplay and Features

The essence of Shardbound lies in 1-on-1 Player vs Player (PvP) matches, spotlighting five distinctive commanders and an extensive collection of 250+ units and spells that constitute the core content. Each unit, embodied by a card, plays a strategic role in players' skillfully crafted decks for battles. As a core commander representing one of five factions, your goal is to adeptly protect this central figure utilizing your skills and minions.

Victory unfolds either by vanquishing the opposing commander or by accumulating points through an innovative system where your army gathers randomly spawned Victory Crystals, accumulating 10 Victory Points for a triumphant win. Explore the dynamic world of Shardbound, where tactical prowess and strategic deck-building converge for an unparalleled gaming experience.

Unique Factions and Collectible Units

Shardbound features five unique ‘Schools of Weaving’, each offering a distinct style of play. The diversity of factions adds a layer of strategy, as players must understand the strengths and weaknesses of every faction to maximize their chances of victory.

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In addition to the factions, Shardbound boasts hundreds of collectible units. Each unit has its own unique abilities and characteristics, allowing for a wide range of strategic options. The vast array of units ensures that no two games are the same, providing endless replayability.

  • WAYFINDERS - Wayfinders are not born but forged into existence. Their unforgettable golden Chromia dust makes them easy to spot, as do their flashy powers, which include healing dust tendrils and radiant golden shields. And don't even get them started on their glowing golden wings — they'll never shut up about them.
  • STEELSINGERS - Part genius, part puppet master, Steelsingers are known for unleashing symphonies of destruction. With their ability to process massive amounts of data and navigate complex systems with ease, these masterminds build and operate Chromia-burning technology like it’s their job… because it is.
  • PACKRUNNERS - Packrunners share an unbreakable bond with the Primals, magical beasts that most people fear. So much so that they forge the bodies of their fallen Primal companions into weapons and armor that radiate with residual energy. When Packrunners have a friend for life, they don’t let death get in the way.
  • LANDSHAPERS - Landshapers are the architects of the natural world, harnessing the power of stone, fire, and roots to create and destroy at their will. These powerful Stonewakers, Flamestokers, and Treespeakers can manipulate stone, alter landmasses, and even move entire islands. Mother Nature, who?
  • FATEKEEPERS - Fatekeepers see the world in ways others cannot comprehend. These powerful beings can bend the fabric of time and space to their will, leaving their foes lost and disoriented, trapped in spacial rifts, and questioning their own sanity. To face a Rogue Fatekeeper is to enter a realm of chaos and uncertainty.
  • BLOODBINDERS - With free transfer between flesh and energy, Bloodbinders can use their own bodies and those of their allies as fuel for magical destruction. However, their philosophical views on the natural order of life, energy, and murder can lead them down a dangerous path if left unchecked. Talk about an existential crisis.

Shardbound Essentials

Every unit in Shardbound belongs to one of the colors of The Lifeweave, each having its own distinct personality, powers and Commander. A standard deck consists of 30 cards and must include one Commander and one Relic.

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Each card comes to life as a living, breathing 3D unit that players must maneuver across the battlefield to defeat their opponents.

  • COMMANDERS - Each Commander has their own way; they like to shape the Lifeweave and come out victorious.
  • RELICS - Arm your Commander with a powerful Relic, ensuring they never enter battle empty-handed. Each Commander needs a Relic that complements their strengths and amplifies their abilities.
  • MINIONS - Minions are crucial units in Shardbound, summoned onto your board from your hand to control the battlefield and flow of the game. Choose between ranged or melee types to build a strong deck. Pay the respective Mana to summon a Minion from your hand. Their attack and health can be found at the bottom corners of the card.
  • SPELLS - Spells are temporary cards that can have lasting effects on the board or other minions. They can heal, damage, and even change the terrain. A timely Spell can turn the tide of battle in your favor, disrupt your opponent's plans, or bolster your own forces with powerful effects.
  • EQUIPMENT - Usually representing weapons or armor, these cards can be allocated to an existing minion on the board to make them even more awesome. They’re pretty scarce at the start, so use them wisely for maximum impact. Equipment can enhance a unit’s capability, granting additional power or abilities during combat.

How to Get Started


Step 1: Pre-Register

Pre-register today to secure your place in the Shardbound community. By pre-registering, you'll receive an exclusive playable card that can be claimed in the first week of the public beta.

Step 2: Pre-Register using Immutable Passport (recommended) or Email

Get a head start by pre-registering with Immutable Passport. This will not only pre-register you for the game to receive news and exclusive benefits, but also provide instant access to Shardbound upon its launch. With just a few clicks, you'll be all set for the exciting moment when Shardbound goes live.

You can also pre-register with just your email. You’ll be able to stay ahead of the game by being the first to know upcoming big milestones, and receive exclusive benefits! Don't worry about spam; you'll only receive important notifications like launch dates and when the next playtest is!

Minimum System Specifications

  • Windows 10 64-bit 
  • NVIDIA Geforce 600 series with 2GB or higher
  • 8 GB RAM 
  • 2.0 Ghz dual-core Intel Core i5 or higher
  • Broadband internet connection
  • 5 GB available space

About Shardbound


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Engage in the hybrid universe of Shardbound, where collecting units, building armies, and strategic gameplay merge in an epic blend of Tactical and Collectible Card Games.


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