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Set in a dystopian future, Shadow War pits elite operatives against each other in high-stakes battles. Players engage in both melee and ranged combat, utilizing a combination of advanced technology and magical abilities. The game features diverse character roles and extensive customization options, on top of web3 integrations.

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Shadow War is a hybrid action game developed by Patriots Division, featuring elements of futuristic technology, cybernetic enhancements, and magical powers in a strategic, pulse-pounding combat experience. Set in a dystopian future, players engage in black operations missions as part of elite teams, using a mix of advanced technology and magical abilities to achieve victory. The game aims to provide a balanced and engaging experience for fans of both melee and ranged combat, with a third-person perspective to enhance situational awareness and immersion.

Game Lore

Shadow War's narrative unfolds in the year 2050, where society is dominated by rapid technological advancements and corporate control. The game features rival factions waging secret wars using a mix of cybernetics, biogenics, and paranormal phenomena. Players assume the roles of operatives who have undergone significant trauma to unlock their latent magical abilities, known as psi-powers. These operatives, or "ultrahumans," can perform extraordinary feats such as manipulating matter and remote viewing, adding a unique twist to the traditional combat mechanics.

Gameplay and Features

Shadow War's combat system is designed to be both stylish and strategic, focusing primarily on melee combat with ranged elements. Each character is equipped with both melee and ranged weapons, allowing for versatile combat styles. The game employs a third-person perspective to give players a comprehensive view of the battlefield, enabling better tactical decision-making and a more immersive experience.

Operative Roles and Abilities

Operatives in Shadow War are designed with unique roles and abilities, contributing to a diverse gameplay experience. These roles include:

  • Vanguard: Durable and armored, they anchor teamfights, draw enemy fire, and deliver high damage.
  • Assault: Versatile and self-sufficient, they excel in close-range combat with high damage and mobility.
  • Tactical: Provide team support and battlefield control, enhancing abilities and being high-priority targets.
  • Predator: Mobile and lethal, they eliminate key targets quickly, excelling in backline attacks.
  • Specialist: Offer unique skills and powerful ranged attacks, providing suppressing fire but relying on team support.  

Game Modes

Shadow War features various game modes, including:

  • Objective-Based Modes: Teams compete to capture and hold strategic points, complete missions, or achieve specific goals within a map.
  • Deathmatch: Classic free-for-all or team-based modes where the objective is to eliminate as many opponents as possible.
  • Special Events: Limited-time modes and challenges that offer unique rewards and gameplay experiences.


Maps in Shadow War are intricately designed to provide diverse environments and strategic opportunities. From high-rise urban settings to claustrophobic underwater levels, each map is crafted to offer unique challenges and memorable experiences. A key launch map, the Lebenskraft Factory, set in a mountain in Poland, serves as a testing ground for many of the game's mechanics, offering strategic play opportunities and a rich, immersive setting.

Character Customization

Customization is at the heart of Shadow War, allowing players to personalize their operatives with various skins, loadouts, banners, and more. The game economy includes multiple currencies such as War Bonds, Credits, and Shadowcredits, each serving different purposes from unlocking characters to acquiring high-quality cosmetic skins. Notably, Shadowcredits are earned through gameplay achievements and cannot be purchased, ensuring a fair and balanced experience for all players.

How to Get Started

Shadow War is currently hosting a playtest session. You can sign up here. They are also preparing for their MASTER DRIVE Genesis NFT free mint collection, with eligibility details to be revealed later. Benefits include future airdrops, guaranteed free access to all future mints, double in-game rewards, and more. To stay updated on the news and playtest schedules, follow them on social media and join their Discord server.  

About Shadow War


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Shadow War

Shadow War is a hybrid action game combining fast-paced combat, strategic gameplay, and a blend of futuristic and magical elements.


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