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Seedworld is a metaverse with a persistent real-world economy. It allows resource extraction, blueprint construction, and crafting for personal or player-to-player trade. Additionally, you can obtain resources by engaging in experiences crafted by other creators or use your resources to incentivize users to explore your own creations.

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Seedworld is a Metaverse with a persistent real-world economy. Here, you have the opportunity to extract resources, construct blueprints, craft items for personal use or for sale to fellow players. Additionally, you can acquire resources by participating in experiences crafted by other creators or use your resources to reward users who explore the experiences you've designed.


Seedworld emerges as a multifaceted gaming platform that caters to a wide array of gaming preferences, offering everything from the adrenaline rush of action-packed shooters to the strategic depths of racing and the boundless realms of adventure games. It's a universe where the thrill of gameplay meets the joy of creation, allowing players to wield the tools provided by Seedworld to forge their own games, experiences, and worlds, with creativity as the only boundary.

The platform is underpinned by a robust player-driven economy that mirrors real-world economic dynamics. Players can delve into the world of Seedworld to extract and gather resources, which become the building blocks for crafting and trading within the game's ecosystem. These activities are not just for in-game satisfaction but also offer real economic value, as players can convert their in-game currency to cryptocurrency, bridging the gap between virtual economies and real-world financial systems.

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Seedworld's integration with web3 technology takes the gaming experience a step further by gamifying NFTs. Players can stake their NFTs to accumulate Chest Points, which can be redeemed for Mystery Chests packed with diverse rewards. These rewards range from game tickets, allowing access to various mini-games within Seedworld, to the in-game currency Amé, which is essential for crafting and trading activities.

Moreover, NFT Seeds can be obtained, which are the keys to unlocking NFT Boxes that contain rare and potentially valuable items. This system not only incentivizes gameplay but also enriches the player's engagement with tangible rewards, making Seedworld a playground for both gamers and collectors alike.

How to Get Started

  1. Stake Your Claim: Keep an eye out for land sales and secure your piece of the Seedworld.
  2. Customize Your Avatar: Purchase your unique Vanguard NFT, available on Opensea, for special privileges in the game.
  3. Prepare for Adventure: Whether you're into shooting, racing, or exploring, gear up for a thrilling experience powered by Unreal Engine.
  4. Team Up: Join forces with fellow creators and players to build and play collaboratively.
  5. Dive into the Economy: Start crafting, trading, and mastering the art of commerce in Seedworld's vibrant economy.

About Seedworld


Seedify Meta Studios

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Seedworld is a metaverse featuring a continuous real-world economy. It offers resource extraction, blueprint assembly, item crafting for personal use or sale to players. You can also gain resources through experiences created by others or use your resources to reward users exploring your own experiences.


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