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Sacra: Falling of Myrd


In Sacra: Falling of Myrd, players are introduced to a dynamic, on-chain RPG world where strategic battles, character customization, and exploration are at the heart of the gameplay. As adventurers, they will choose their heroes, each with unique backgrounds and abilities, to navigate through enchanted biomes, engage in tactical combat against a variety of monsters, and make pivotal decisions that influence their journey.

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Sacra: Falling of Myrd offers an on-chain RPG Dark Fantasy adventure game that integrates the play-to-earn model within its gameplay. It differentiates from traditional games by being fully decentralized, granting players ownership of their in-game assets. The game combines elements of storytelling, strategy, and blockchain technology, aiming to deliver a distinct gaming experience that emphasizes player agency and strategic decision-making.

Game Lore

In Sacra, reality is on the brink of chaos, emerging from the fusion of three worlds into a tetrahedral pyramid. The upper world, Auron, hides its complexity behind a simple facade; Metanoia is marred by an alien impact; and Schism, a hidden underground realm, teems with secrets. The Moonfall event, a decade ago, threw Auron into turmoil, introducing eternal night, celestial mysteries, and granting some the gift or curse of immortality. This event set the stage for an age of conflict and the return of forgotten beasts, as the fabric of society unraveled.

Gameplay and Features

Creating a hero marks the beginning of your journey in Sacra. Players can choose from several unique character types, each with distinct backgrounds and abilities, ranging from the ethereal Ghost, the enduring Thrall, the fierce Savage, the potent Mage, to the stealthy Assassin.

Each hero embarks on quests, faces formidable enemies, and explores intricate biomes, all while leveling up and enhancing their attributes and gear. Players can either create new heroes or purchase ready-made ones from the marketplace. Each hero is tokenized as an NFT, allowing for true ownership and tradeability.

Dynamic On-Chain RPG Elements

Sacra pioneers as a fully on-chain RPG, where every action and progression is recorded on the blockchain, ensuring transparency and security. This revolutionary approach allows for a genuine play-to-earn experience, where players' achievements and acquisitions are tangible and transferable.

An in-game marketplace facilitates the trade of heroes and items among players, using $SACRA tokens. This decentralized marketplace ensures freedom and fairness in trading, contributing to a vibrant economy where players can truly own and monetize their gaming achievements.

Reinforcement and Treasury

Players can stake their heroes in reinforcement roles to assist others in their quests, earning rewards without risking their heroes. Additionally, reaching higher levels unlocks access to the Treasury, a feature that provides additional rewards and incentives for advanced players.

The game's combat system challenges players with strategic battles against various enemies, including monsters unique to each biome. Players must carefully manage their heroes' stats, equipment, and skills to emerge victorious. The game world is divided into distinct biomes, each offering unique challenges and rewards, encouraging exploration and strategic planning.

Token Economy

The game features two primary tokens: $SACRA and $MYRD. $SACRA serves as the in-game currency, used for transactions, hero leveling, and item acquisition. $MYRD, the governance token, allows holders to participate in game development decisions and mint $SACRA, supporting the game's decentralized economy.

How to Get Started

Sacra: Falling of Myrd is in its beta phase of development with the game currently available to be played on the Fantom Sonic testnet, here's how to start your Sacra Journey:

  1. Visit the Official Website: Navigate to Sacra's official website 
  2. Sign up and Connect your Wallet: To participate, you'll need to connect your digital wallet, such as Metamask or any WalletConnect-compatible wallet, where you hold your test tokens. 
  3. Create Your Hero: Look for the "Create a Hero" option to begin the character creation process.
  4. Select Your Character: You'll be presented with a choice of four unique heroes—Thrall, Savage, Mage, or Assassin. Each character comes with its own set of strengths and engaging backstories. After making your selection, click "Continue".
  5. Name and Fund Your Hero: Provide a name for your hero. To proceed with in-game purchases, click on "Buy Coins" to add funds to your balance. Confirm the transaction through your connected wallet, then finalize your hero creation by clicking "Create hero". Take note that your connected wallet will automatically receive Sonic testnet and $SACRA tokens upon sign up. 
  6. Go on Your Adventure: To dive into the game world, click on "Go to map". This action takes you to the game map, marking the beginning of your adventure in the enchanting world of Sacra.

About Sacra: Falling of Myrd

Sacra: Falling of Myrd

Sacra: Falling of Myrd is an on-chain RPG set in a dark fantasy world. The game features a play-to-earn model, offering players true ownership of in-game assets.