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Rogue Nation is a free-to-play (F2P) mobile-first cross-platform Rogue-lite Action RPG (ARPG). Players create and collect unique characters, pets, weapons, and more to take on difficult dungeons, raids, and other players!

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Rogue Nation offers a free-to-play mobile-centric cross-platform Rogue-lite Action RPG experience. Players can create and collect distinct characters, pets, weapons, and more to tackle challenging dungeons, raids, and compete against other players. The game emphasizes multiplayer and competitive play, while ensuring a delicate balance between risk and reward to constantly fine-tune player strategies.

By combining elements from both casual and mid-core games, Rogue Nation delivers an accessible Rogue-lite experience that is enriched with classic ARPG systems, providing players with a wide range of options and depth. Additionally, players have full control over their digital assets, enabling them to trade, sell, or utilize their items both within and outside the game environment.


Rogue Nation invites players to engage in exhilarating dungeon runs with their distinct characters. The game emphasizes strategic character and loadout selection, as well as skillful ability usage, aiming, and dodging enemy attacks. Set in an isometric 3/4 landscape, players navigate using virtual twin-stick and gamepad controls for character movement, aim, and abilities.

Players can explore dungeon rooms and corridors while confronting monsters and progressing towards the dungeon boss. A combo attack system rewards skillful players who time their monster kills perfectly, earning larger rewards to upgrade characters and weapons for even greater challenges.

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In team play, traditional RPG roles such as Tank, Healer, DPS, and Support are crucial, but gameplay paths remain diverse. Rogue Nation tests players' abilities in aggro management, healing output, and damage output during its most demanding content.

Aiming to be the premier choice for single, co-op, and PvP gameplay, Rogue Nation plans to introduce additional features as the game evolves. These will be tested through live-ops calendar events to ensure ongoing engagement:

  1. Raids - Co-op & Clan
  2. PvP - Rotational content and modes, including tournaments, battle royale, team deathmatch, capture the flag, free-for-all, and more
  3. Tower, Horde, and survival modes
  4. User-generated dungeons
  5. Social hangout and trading zones


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Rogue Nation offers an expansive roster of distinct characters that players can collect, develop, and customize visually to suit their preferences. The game provides various progression paths for each character, enabling players to explore different options and identify the best approach for upcoming challenges. In this analysis, we will delve into the mechanics of collection and modification, which are central to the Rogue Nation experience.

Every character is characterized by two fundamental factors: personality and shape. These aspects are crucial for multiplayer games, as shape recognition plays a significant role in quickly discerning the capabilities of potential allies or adversaries. We will now examine the contributions of each factor:

  1. Personality: Each character's personality determines their unique abilities. Recognizing a character's personality type, such as Stache, allows players to anticipate their skillset. However, this constitutes only a portion of the flexibility provided to players.
  2. Body Type: A character's body type indicates their upgrade path and influences the redistribution of base stats. With six shapes available, players can adapt their characters to their desired playstyle. However, not all options are equally effective.

Rogue Nation empowers players with multiple avenues for character progression and customization, such as equipping attachments and engaging with the game's DnA system. Attachments can be found in-game or earned through achievements, while relics and Great Deeds (DnA) provide additional opportunities for character enhancement.

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Attachments can offer either a passive boost to stats and abilities or serve purely cosmetic purposes, allowing players to tailor their gaming experience to their playstyle. Relics, larger runic items that boost character statistics, can be found in the environment or purchased from vendors. Their rarity levels determine the magnitude of their effects, with rarer relics providing more significant boosts. Players must be mindful of the relics they seek and be aware that relics may break if a character dies.

The DnA system in Rogue Nation enables players to collect, showcase, and benefit from their character's unique experiences, such as soloing a powerful dragon or rescuing a damsel in distress. Characters gain deeds as they complete runs and events, with these deeds offering buffs that can be toggled on or off within certain limits. Deeds contribute to a character's flexibility and value, making them an essential aspect of gameplay.

Cosmetics in Rogue Nation can dramatically alter a character's appearance, making them more visually distinct from one another and easily recognizable in multiplayer games. Players can level up their characters by completing tasks and engaging in various game modes, which earns them personality-specific points and Coin currency. Increasing a character's level directly enhances their base stats and the effectiveness of their abilities.

How to Get Started

Rogue Nation from Moonlit Games is still under development, with a playable demo scheduled for Q2/Q3 2023 for players to enjoy. The game recently released their Genesis Elemints NFT collection on Magic Eden.

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Rogue Nation

Rogue Nation is a revolutionary take on modern rogue-lite, combining fast-paced gameplay with a deep progression through player actions.


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