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Dive into the world of Revomon VR, a role-playing game set in a virtual reality metaverse. Here, players become Revomon Tamers, taking on a journey to catch, train, and trade virtual creatures. Leveraging the power of blockchain, every creature and item in this immersive VR experience.

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Revomon VR is an online role-playing game (RPG) that merges the immersive world of virtual reality with the technology of Web3 and NFTs. Developed by the creators of Pokémon VR, this game combines the thrill of VR with the economic potential of Web3. Players can experience a unique virtual world where they can create real value through their in-game activities.

Gameplay and Features

The World of Revomon

In Revomon VR, players step into the role of Revomon Tamers. The game is set in a detailed virtual world where players can catch and train various monsters, known as Revomons. These creatures can be turned into digital assets or NFTs, adding a layer of economic interaction to the game.

Factions and Goals

Players can choose from three factions: Scientists, Secret Society, and Anarchists, each with different perspectives and goals regarding Revomons. This choice influences the player's journey and interactions within the game.

Social and Competitive Aspects

Revomon VR emphasizes both social and competitive gameplay. Players can join clans, participate in PvP tournaments, and complete quests to level up their Tamers. The game's social aspect is further enhanced by the ability to trade NFT items and Revomons in the in-game marketplace.


Earning and Using REVO Tokens

The game uses REVO tokens as its official cryptocurrency. Players can earn these tokens through various activities like winning battles, exploring, and trading in the marketplace. These tokens can be used for governance, trading, staking, and participating in competitions.

How to Get Started

Revomon is best described as a fusion of Pokémon Go, blockchain technology, and VR gaming. This engaging game is accessible on Android devices and VR platforms like Meta Quest. Initially launched on the BNB chain, Revomon is gearing up for a launch on Immutable X. Upon downloading, players are greeted with a concise tutorial that guides them through the essentials of collecting and taming Revomons. The game frequently hosts in-game events, usually announced on their socials such as X

About Revomon




Revomon VR is a virtual reality RPG that combines engaging gameplay with blockchain technology, allowing players to capture and train unique creatures known as Revomons.




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