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Raini: The Lords of Light


Runaria sets the stage for an otherworldly battle between the Evil gods and the elemental heroes you command: Fire, Water, and Nature heroes unite against a common enemy and its malevolent forces. Elemental crystals are their main focus, and they will disregard any life they encounter. It's your task, alongside your elemental heroes, to keep everyone safe and repel these evil forces to whence they came in Raini: The Lords of Light.


Raini initiates our adventures and battles within Rainiverse. The Lords of Light converge around a black hole at the center of Rainiverse, driving an ongoing battle to gain the power of the rainbow gem, summon the ultimate warrior Cha Raini, and dominate others, with hopes of defeating the quantum rug.

Now that we've covered that, let's explore the game and not forget the art. The futuristic art style sets the scene, with noticeable heavy machine influences. While it's executed to a decent extent, some elemental changes are not thoroughly reflected in the card style or the characters on them, missing an opportunity for greater depth.

Let's delve into gameplay and mechanics. As we dive into Raini: The Lords of Light and examine the cards and their various effects, what stands out is the strong web3 influence in the card names and effects, which is cool and recognizable but might be daunting for non-web3 users.

In my initial matches, the game feels intuitive and easy to pick up. Unique mechanics, like the card-staking mechanism, breathe fresh air into the gameplay. It's not just tied to acquiring gems (used to play cards) but also incorporates colors for a more intricate gaming experience. Some card effects create interesting new decks and elements to experiment with.


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Raini: The Lords of Light, apart from these new card effects, is straightforward and doesn't introduce anything novel to the genre; reduce your opponent's health to zero before they do the same to you. While there's nothing inherently wrong with this approach, it raises questions about what would attract new players to it over already established games in the genre.

The game is easy to grasp and offers some depth for deck building and strategy, but it might not be the best fit for non-web3 gamers. While the game's emphasis on crypto and web3 is commendable, it may deter some players. Nonetheless, the game runs smoothly and is a decent Trading Card Game. It would be great to see more varied card art in future releases to help it stand out in the competitive Trading Card Game scene.

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Raini: The Lords of Light Review

Raini: The Lords of Light follows a conventional gameplay style, lacking innovation in the genre, with the primary objective being to reduce your opponent's health to zero. While this approach is functional, it raises concerns about attracting new players amidst established games. The game is easy to understand and offers depth for deck building and strategy, yet it may not cater well to non-web3 players due to its strong emphasis on crypto and web3 elements, which could be off-putting.



Introduces a new stake-to-gem mechanic

User-friendly and easy to grasp

Enjoyable new card effects


Lacks immersive storytelling

Underwhelming card art variation

Heavy web3 references might be offputting to non-web3 natives

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Raini: The Lords of Light

Raini: The Lords of Light is a hotly anticipated competitive trading card game, which will put your skills to the test against other players in a battle for strategic superiority.


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