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Raini: The Lords of Light is an eagerly awaited competitive trading card game where players strategically battle with crypto legends and mythical creatures for multiverse domination.

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raini the lords of light characters.png
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In Raini: The Lords of Light, players will assume the role of a hero representing one of the seven Lords of Light. They will lead armies composed of mythical creatures and crypto legends, engaging in battles against other heroes.Β 

The Rainiverse is centered around the planet Raini, the only celestial body that orbits a massive black hole sun. On Raini's surface, mythical creatures form armies that engage in relentless battles, each following the commands of one of the Seven Lords of Light. According to legend, the highly sought-after Rainbow Gem will select a Lord of Light and grant them the power to summon Chad Raini, the ultimate warrior. With this power comes the potential to rule over the entire Rainiverse, which drives the Lords to continually compete on the battlefield.

Amidst this struggle for power, the game introduces a formidable super-villain and Chad's arch-nemesis, the Quantum Rug. Long-time Raini enthusiasts may recognize this infamous antagonist from earlier iterations of the game.


Raini: The Lords of Light introduces a unique gameplay mechanic that combines elements from Hearthstone, Magic: The Gathering, and a distinctive twist. In this game, players can "stake" (sacrifice) one card per turn to generate a colored gem of the same type. Each gem automatically recharges at the beginning of the controlling player's turn, and players must use these gem charges to summon creatures or cast spells.

Cards have specific gem charge costs, expressed as a combination of colored and generic charges. More powerful cards demand multiple charges of their corresponding gem color. Rainbow cards require unique combinations of different colored gems for activation. For instance, a card with a cost of three rainbow gems can be played using a blue, green, and yellow gem charge, but not with three blue charges.

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When staking a rainbow card, players can choose the color of the produced mana gem. However, staked rainbow cards generate depleted gems rather than charged ones.

Deck size requirements for Raini: The Lords of Light are set to 40 cards. Generic, account-locked, non-NFT base cards in each of the seven colors are available for players lacking sufficient NFTs to build a full deck. These base cards are low-powered and come with limitations on PHOTON earnings based on the number of base cards in the player's deck.

How to Get Started

Follow these steps to begin your journey playing Raini: The Lords of Light:

  1. Navigate to the Raini game page on the Elixir launcher.
  2. Click on PLAY NOW on the linked page, select the 'PLAY NOW' button. This will add the game to your library.
  3. Download and install the Elixir Desktop Launcher: If you have not already installed the Elixir Desktop Launcher, proceed with the download and installation process.
  4. Access the game in the Elixir Launcher's Library
  5. Β Input the beta access code (NE8FAH4CJrx5) when prompted. After entering the code, you will be able to download and start playing the game.

About Raini: The Lords of Light


Raini Studios

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Raini: The Lords of Light

Raini: The Lords of Light is a hotly anticipated competitive trading card game, which will put your skills to the test against other players in a battle for strategic superiority.


Raini Studios


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