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Ragnarok: Monster World


Ragnarok: Monster World invites players into a vibrant world inspired by the beloved Ragnarok Online universe. In this game, players start as Novices and go on a journey to collect, merge, and battle with unique NFT monsters called Ragmons. The game blends strategic tower defense gameplay with blockchain technology, offering a rewarding experience where time spent in the game translates into real-world rewards.

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Ragnarok: Monster World is a play-to-earn (P2E) tower defense game that blends the classic elements of the beloved Ragnarok World with blockchain technology. Players enter a vibrant world where they can collect, merge, and battle unique monsters called Ragmons. Players go on their journey as Novices, exploring a world filled with mystical creatures, powerful spells, and strategic battles. This game rewards players for their time and effort, combining fun gameplay with real-world rewards.

Gameplay and Features

The game is centered around three main components: Monsters, Jobs, and Towers. Monsters serve as the primary offensive units, available in different rarities and levels. Jobs define the player’s playstyle, providing access to unique spells and abilities. Towers are critical for defense, protecting the player's base while attacking the opponent's fortress.

Players construct decks with up to eight monster and spell cards. Strategic deck composition is vital, as it determines the effectiveness in battles. Players start with a random selection of four cards in their hand, using Soul Energy to summon monsters and cast spells. Soul Energy regenerates over time, requiring strategic management.

Combat involves a mix of autonomous monster actions and strategic player interventions. Monsters act based on the deck setup, while players can use job spells to influence the battle's outcome. The main objective is to destroy the opponent's tower while defending their own. Starting as Novices, players can specialize into different job classes like Archer, Magician, and Swordsman. Each job offers unique abilities and spells, enhancing the game’s depth and strategy. As players advance, they unlock new spells and can upgrade existing ones using spell books.

Planned expansions include Raid and Warfare content, enhancing the PvP experience. These expansions promote teamwork and offer significant rewards for successful collaborations.

NFTs and Blockchain

Ragmon NFTs: The game features a robust NFT ecosystem where players can collect and merge Ragmons. These digital creatures range from Common to Mythic in rarity, each with unique traits. The merging mechanism allows players to enhance their Ragmons, increasing their power and value. Smart contracts ensure security and control over NFT minting, with future plans for DAO governance to democratize content creation.

Nyang Kit: The Nyang Kit is an integral part of the community-driven aspect of Ragnarok: Monster World. It provides players with tools and resources to customize their gaming experience, allowing for greater personalization and engagement.

Zeny: Zeny is the in-game currency used for various transactions, including merging Ragmons and purchasing items. It plays a crucial role in maintaining the in-game economy, ensuring players have multiple avenues to earn and spend their Zeny, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.  

How to Get Started

Ragnarok: Monster World has recently announced its partnership with the Ronin network and is gearing up for its Nyang Kit NFT sale. Additionally, the game is expected to have playtests soon, where players can get a firsthand experience of the gameplay. For the latest news and updates, follow their social media channels to stay informed and be a part of their early community.

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 Ragnarok: Monster World

Ragnarok: Monster World is a play-to-earn (P2E) game combining the classic elements of Ragnarok Online with blockchain technology, where players can collect, merge, and battle unique monsters known as Ragmons.






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