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Pulsar is a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game where players can mine, build, and battle to become the top ruler.

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Pulsar key art 1.jpg
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Pulsar is an MMO RTS game that allows players worldwide to mine, construct, and engage in battles to emerge as the ultimate ruler. By expanding your base and building your army, you can venture into the planet's subterranean dungeons and compete against other players to establish the strongest empire in the vast Pulsar Universe.

Pulsar offers a fun and exciting experience where you can gather resources from the land and trade them for valuable assets. With various raw materials to choose from and on-chain assets to create, you can build structures and units to help with mining, production, building, and combat. You'll even have the opportunity to engage in battles against other players and aliens, as you level up and gain power.

Land NFTs

Pulsar features four different types of Land NFTs, or Biomes, each with its own unique attributes. These include Land Size, $PLSR Quantity, Resources, Resource Rarity, and Security Rating (PvE), all of which play an important role in the gameplay experience.

Players can extract or earn resources from the Land NFTs, which come in three different rarities - Common, Uncommon, and Rare - each with varying degrees of scarcity and benefits. Additionally, the Security Rating determines the spawn rate of PVE mobs on your Land, and the amount of resources contained within.

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Furthermore, Pulsar offers additional Land Mechanics such as F2P 'Lending', taxation, and delegation, all of which add to the complexity of the game. Landowners can delegate management of their land and resources to a Commander, who will receive a portion of mined resources as a tax. The Landowner, on the other hand, will receive taxes on all Resources extracted and NFTs crafted and sold in the marketplace.

Buildings NFTs

Pulsar is set to launch with an array of building and unit options for players to explore. In Pulsar, buildings serve a variety of functions, including refining raw materials and $PLSR tokens, manufacturing unit NFTs, and researching and upgrading existing NFTs. Resource refineries are the only refineries available at launch, which convert raw resources into on-chain resource tokens.

Units are also a key aspect of Pulsar, with several different types available. Miners extract resources from land and transport them to refineries, while combat units defend land from alien mobs and participate in multiplayer missions. The spider tank is the most common infantry unit in Pulsar and can be leveled up, upgraded, and customized. Other unit NFTs, such as drones, siege tanks, and transport vehicles, enable various mechanics in the game.

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Motherships are another unit NFT available in Pulsar, controlling the number of units present on a player's land. Genesis motherships are a limited edition version of motherships that offer a permanent production boost and increased units and structures headcount. Mobile depots are another unit NFT that improve productivity by shuttling raw resources to refineries. Genesis mobile depots, unlike any other depots in the game, have a multipurpose storage container that can store any raw material and a 5% storage capacity increase.

How to Get Started

Pulsar is still currently under development, with plans to open up the game to more players some time later in 2023. However, players can currently enjoy the game's tutorial mode on both Mac and Windows platforms available for download directly through the game's website.

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Pulsar is a massively multiplayer, real time strategy game set in a sci-fi universe.


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