Step into the world of Psyker, a groundbreaking game that redefines the fighting genre within a cyberpunk universe. Here, players navigate the chaotic streets of Psyon City, using a mix of strategy, skill, and digital assets to outmaneuver opponents. With its innovative use of NFTs and the PSYK token economy, Psyker offers a deeply engaging experience that blurs the lines between gaming and digital ownership, making every battle and decision impactful.



Psyker is an immersive blockchain-based fighting game set in a dystopian cyberpunk world. Developed by Ferris Games, it introduces players to Psyon City, a place ravaged by violence and chaos due to a leak of lab-created nanobot parasites. These parasites have transformed some residents into biomechanical fighters known as Psykers. The game is notable for its RPG-like character customization, social spaces, asset ownership, and PvP token wagers, offering both free-to-play and play-to-earn paths.

Key Game  Features

In the captivating world of Psyker, players are introduced to a range of unique character classes, each offering distinct abilities and traits. These include the Cyborg, known for its fast attacks and movement; the Street Thug, characterized by heavy hitting and medium defense; the versatile Mercenary; and the strategic Reptoid. This diversity allows players to choose a style that best suits their gameplay preferences.

Central to the Psyker experience is its innovative integration of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). These digital assets represent a variety of in-game items such as character gear, weapons, power-ups, and even hideouts. This integration not only adds a layer of depth to the gameplay but also provides players with a tangible stake in the game's universe, as they can own, trade, and manage these assets.


The game's economy is another standout feature, revolving around the PSYK token. This token is not just a medium of exchange within the game; it also plays a crucial role in staking and governance within the Psyker ecosystem. Players can earn PSYK tokens through gameplay, use them for in-game transactions, or stake them to unlock additional content and features.

Hideouts add an extra dimension to Psyker, offering players their own slice of in-game real estate. These hideouts are not just static spaces; they are interactive environments where players can store their gear, display their achievements, and engage with various elements of the game. The hideouts come in different themes and rarities, each providing a unique backdrop to a player's journey.


Lastly, the play-to-earn mechanics in Psyker are a significant draw. Players can engage in battles and participate in tournaments, with the opportunity to earn rewards in the form of PSYK tokens and NFTs. This system not only incentivizes skilled gameplay but also ensures that players are rewarded for their time and effort in the game.

How to Get Started

Currently in its early Alpha stage, Psyker offers limited access exclusively to community members who possess keycards. These keycards can be acquired from marketplaces like Magic Eden. For the latest updates, playtest schedules, and news about Psyker, stay connected by following their social media platforms such as X and Medium blogs.

About Psyker


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Psyker is a blockchain-based fighting game set in a cyberpunk world, blending intense battles with NFT-enhanced gameplay built on Solana.


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