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PLANET IX is an NFT-based strategy game, where a virtual rendition of our planet is the playing field. Imagine yourself playing a digital version of Monopoly, together with a potentially unlimited number of players, where instead of streets your goal is to acquire hexagon-shaped land parcels called PIX.

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Planet IX is a free-to-play strategy game that takes advantage of the benefits that web3 technology brings to leverage an incredible intergalactic strategic experience. As an Agent of Change, your objective is to restore a damaged planet to its former lush, blue-green state. Planet IX comprises of 1.6 billion PIX, all of which are unique NFTs that you can collect. As you progress, you can establish Territories, advance new technology, raid other players, and gain control of in-game corporations. Everything you collect in the game has true ownership, and your mission is straightforward: gather assets, use them wisely, and construct the world of the future.


PIX are the digital plots of land in Planet IX. The game world is presented as a map of the Earth, with a hexagonal grid overlay that covers the entire planet. The surface of Earth is comprised of approximately 1.7 billion unique NFTs, each representing a PIX unit. This allows for the attachment and documentation of true ownership on the Polygon blockchain network.

As you play, you'll experience a rich, immersive story set in a distant future on a broken planet. The game's progress is shaped by the collective efforts of all players. The initial objective is to restore Earth and make it a thriving, habitable planet through the collection and use of assets built on the PIX land.

Players must work together, trade, buy, and sell PIX within the futuristic metaverse to achieve their goal. As Agents of Change (AoC), you will gather resources and build advanced technologies, engage in trade and conflicts with other AoCs all while working towards the shared objective of restoring the planet.

The in-game economy is designed to prevent hyperinflation and provide players with a range of strategic trade-offs that encourage creativity and community building. Those who carefully consider their choices will be rewarded with both economic incentives and the satisfaction of outpacing their fellow AoCs.

Territories and Landmarks

Territories in Planet IX come in six categories, starting with the smallest unit, a single PIX. To reach the next level, you'll need to connect more PIX together, until you reach the highest level, a Domain. When you reach the Area level, you'll begin to receive rewards from staking your territory. The bigger the territory you stake, the greater the rewards you'll receive.

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Later on, you'll have the option to merge territories to form new ones, splitting ownership and rewards with other Agents of Change (AoCs). Sharing can be a strategic move, as well as an act of kindness. Landmarks are divided into shares, which can be obtained through drops or won in a raffle. Each landmark has a unique rarity and traits, affecting the yield area size. For instance, Common landmarks have a smaller yield area, while Legendary landmarks have a much larger yield area.

There are 888 Landmarks in total, all of which can be divided into shares. Some landmarks only have one share, while others have several thousand. All shares have true ownership and are tradeable in the Marketplace.

How to Get Started

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To start playing Planet IX, simply press "Play Now" and connect any of the supported web3 wallets, including Metamask. The Terminal is the hub of the game where you can access all its different sections including Mission Control, Net Empire, Gravity Grade, and Y_ space. It is currently available to play directly through your web browser.

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Planet IX

PLANET IX is a blockchain-based strategy and trading game with a virtual copy of our planet as its playing field.


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