Launched in early 2022, Pixelmon set out to transform the NFT landscape by developing an open-world RPG game inspired by Pokémon. The project, despite a successful fundraising campaign, initially encountered criticism for its subpar artwork and unclear development strategy. Following a change in leadership and a strategic revamp led by Web3 venture studio LiquidX, Pixelmon is now on a path to create a comprehensive MMO experience, striving to merge the appeal of NFTs with captivating gameplay in a vividly crafted virtual environment.



Pixelmon stands as a pioneering open-world RPG in the NFT domain, heavily influenced by the iconic Pokémon series. This game masterfully merges the captivating world of NFTs with immersive gameplay set in a meticulously crafted virtual universe. Initially facing hurdles such as disappointing artwork and developmental obstacles, Pixelmon has since undergone a significant transformation.

Now under new and revitalized leadership, the project is not just committed to realizing its initial vision of a comprehensive MMO experience but is also expanding its horizons as the “first fractionalised gaming IP”. Pixelmon is evolving into a multifaceted intellectual property, encompassing a series of games, comics, and physical merchandise. Check out this cool teaser of their monster battler game right here!

Welcome to Nova Thera

Pixelmon aims to blend the excitement of collecting and battling unique creatures with the innovative possibilities of blockchain technology. Set in the world of Nova Thera, it offers a mix of exploration, social interaction, and combat-based experiences. The game's unique approach to NFT integration allows players to own, trade, and evolve their Pixelmon creatures within a vibrant and evolving ecosystem.



  • Open-World Exploration: Players can explore a vast, dynamic world filled with diverse environments. Interaction with various creatures and characters enriches the gaming experience.
  • Creature Collection and Evolution: The game features a variety of creatures, each with unique abilities and characteristics. Players can collect, train, and evolve these creatures, enhancing their abilities for various challenges.
  • Quests and Challenges: Engaging quests and challenges are integral to the game, offering players opportunities to earn rewards and advance in the game.Both solo and collaborative missions will soon be available, catering to different play styles.

Pixelmon's Right-of-Game Model

Pixelmon's Right-of-Game (RoG) model is a groundbreaking innovation in the gaming industry, leveraging blockchain technology to decentralize the ownership of game intellectual property (IP) and reshape how gaming media franchises are built. This model is not just a technological advancement; it's a paradigm shift in the gaming ecosystem, offering a new level of engagement and ownership to players and stakeholders.At the heart of Pixelmon's RoG model lies the concept of decentralizing IP ownership through Genesis NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).


These NFTs represent more than just digital collectibles; they embody shared IP rights of the underlying art, including creatures, trainers, gears, skins, and armors. Owners of Genesis NFTs are granted contractual rights to royalties from any commercial use of this IP, primarily derived from the proceeds generated by in-game NFTs. This innovative approach not only empowers NFT holders with a stake in the game's success but also incentivizes them to contribute to the growth and expansion of the Pixelmon universe.

The RoG model extends beyond the confines of the game. Genesis NFT holders not only own a portion of the character or item's IP but also have the ability to source, negotiate, and commercialize that IP, earning royalties. This decentralized incentive system is designed to grow the IP across multiple verticals, creating a positive flywheel effect that increases the overall IP value and opens up further commercial opportunities.


Additionally, RoG encourages artists and creators to contribute to the project, offering them a platform to obtain funding and earn royalties. This aspect of the model is particularly significant as it fosters a creator economy within the Pixelmon ecosystem, promoting user-generated content and create-to-earn mechanics.

How to Get Started

Pixelmon is currently developing two highly anticipated titles: an adventure open-world RPG and a monster battler game, slated for release in 2024 and 2025, respectively. While these major projects are underway, Pixelmon offers a simple and fun gaming experience with "Kevin the Adventurer," a free-to-play, casual game reminiscent of the popular "Flappy Bird."

This engaging and straightforward game provides not only entertainment but also the opportunity for top players to win attractive rewards, including stablecoins, Pixelmon NFTs, and whitelist spots. To dive into the fun, simply click the 'Play Now' button on this page. Players have the option to enjoy the game as a guest or connect their wallet to save their progress 

About Pixelmon


Pixelmon is pioneering the concept of a fractionalized gaming IP in the blockchain realm, blending NFT technology with an immersive Pokémon-inspired virtual world. The project, initially marred by controversy, is now evolving under new leadership to realize its innovative vision in the NFT gaming space.


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