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Photo Finish Live


Photo Finish™ Live, by Third Time Entertainment, is a play-to-earn virtual horse racing platform where you race, breed, and trade NFT horses.

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Photo Finish™ Live, developed by Third Time Entertainment, is a play-to-earn virtual horse racing ecosystem. It enables players to race their NFT horses against others for real money, breed horses through a genetics system, and trade horses in a player-driven marketplace. The game operates on an in-game calendar, with seasons corresponding to real-world time, offering various races for players to participate in. Photo Finish™ Live aims to make horse racing accessible to a wider audience while maintaining realism through its aging mechanism.


In Photo Finish™ Live, horses are categorized into different grades based on their genetics, ranging from D (lowest) to SSS (highest), with subdivisions like S-, S, and S+. Additionally, each horse possesses six attributes (Start, Speed, Stamina, Finish, Heart, and Temper) that are graded but only revealed upon retirement. These attribute grades represent a horse's proficiency in specific traits, with the overall Grade being the average of these attribute grades. It's important to note that Grades represent a range, and two horses with the same Grade may have slightly different values within that Grade.

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Each horse in Photo Finish™ Live also has three Preferences related to track conditions: Surface (Dirt/Turf), Direction (Left/Right), and Condition (Firm/Soft). These preferences, along with the horse's attribute grades, determine their performance in races.

Detailed Attributes:

  1. Start: Determines the speed at which the horse leaves the gate, most influential in short races.
  2. Speed: Represents the horse's pace once it reaches its stride, crucial for short and middle-distance races.
  3. Stamina: Reflects the horse's ability to maintain running as it tires, becoming more vital in longer races.
  4. Finish: Measures the horse's ability to surge towards the finish line after a demanding effort, most significant in longer races.
  5. Heart: Signifies a horse's competitive spirit, influencing their performance against tougher competition.
  6. Temper: Indicates a horse's focus and effort during races, with well-tempered horses maintaining consistency even on challenging days.


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Photo Finish™ LIVE offers various race types, each indicating its level of competition and potential special rules. These race types include Claiming, Maiden, Allowance, Ungraded Stakes, and Grade I, II, and III Stakes races, with higher grades signifying increased competitiveness and larger purses. Some races may have unique rules.

Races With Special Rules:

  1. Claiming: In a Claiming Race, horses can be purchased by buyers before the race begins. This race type is for horses that owners lack confidence in and are often considered the lowest tier. The old owner receives any prizes won if a horse is purchased during a Claiming Race. Occasionally, other race types may also become Claiming Races.
  2. Maiden: Maiden Races only allow horses that have never won a race before to participate, making them a starting point for potential champions.
  3. Juvenile Races: While not categorized as a special race type, Juvenile Races are exclusively available to 2-year-old horses. These races are affordable and serve as a way for owners to evaluate young colts and fillies before their official racing debut at age 3.

How to Get Started

  1. Sign Up and Create Your Stable: Begin by signing up and creating your stable. This will be your base of operations where you manage your horses and plan your racing strategy.
  2. Acquire Your First Horse: Purchase or breed your first horse. Each horse has unique attributes that will affect its performance on the track.
  3. Understand Horse Grades: Learn about the different horse grades, which indicate the competitive level of a horse. Grades range from Grade I (highest) to Claiming (entry-level).
  4. Train and Prepare for Racing: Train your horse to improve its attributes and prepare it for the various race types available.
  5. Enter Races: Choose from different race types, including Maiden, Allowance, and various Stakes races, each with its own level of competition and rules.
  6. Breed Champions: Utilize the complex genetics system to breed horses with the potential to become the next champions of the racetrack.

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Photo Finish Live

Photo Finish™ Live, by Third Time Entertainment, is a play-to-earn virtual horse racing platform. Race NFT horses, breed them, and trade in a player-driven marketplace.


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