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Petobots is a unique GameFi project that utilizes NFT technology, where players can collect a variety of robotic pets and engage them in thrilling PvP battles. Prior to each battle, players have the option to place bets, and the ultimate victor takes home all the rewards.

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Petobots is a web3 game centered around NFTs where players amass robotic pets and compete in thrilling PvP battles. Before the commencement of each game, participants place wagers, with the victorious player taking all the spoils. The development team is working on a platform that includes engaging PvP games designed for seamless integration into upcoming web3 projects. These games provide projects the opportunity to implement gamification techniques for conducting contests, giveaways, and keeping their users entertained.

Gladiator Battle

In Petobots, players must strategically select 2 zones to attack and 2 zones to defend, with the ultimate objective of reducing their opponent's health scale to zero. Each Petobot NFT possesses distinct attributes, including health, attack, armor, armor penetration, and evasion, which play a crucial role in the gameplay.

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The attack attribute represents the damage dealt by a successful attack, while armor reduces the incoming damage by a specific amount. Armor penetration offers a chance to bypass the enemy's armor, and evasion provides an opportunity to take zero damage from an unblocked attack.

Currently, the game's Alpha Version is exclusively available to Alpha Pass holders, providing them with the opportunity to test the game using RoboLion. Throughout the Alpha testing phase, players can explore the mechanics, attributes, and strategies involved in the game, helping to shape the development and improvement of future iterations.

Petobots NFT Progression

Players and their Petobots both have the ability to progress and level up, however, the process of progression differs for these two entities.

The amount of XP points players receive heavily depends on the matchmaking type. Full random matchmaking offers the most XP points, as it is considered to be the riskiest type. Player progression is determined by various factors, such as the number of matches played, matches won, tournament performance, and regular and casual objectives execution.

Player achievements are rewarded with NFT drops or loot boxes, an increase in the Petobots Pit capacity, and higher bets available for matches.

On the other hand, Petobot progression depends on the number of matches played, matches won, and whether they are owned by one Master. Additionally, active days and progressive streaks contribute to Petobot progression, which can be further enhanced by other Petobots and artifacts.

Each level achieved grants trait improvement points, and certain levels lead to upgrades for the Petobot. Players can utilize their trait improvement points to enhance specific features of their Petobots, which is not reflected in the NFT metadata but can be viewed through the Petobots Explorer by NFT ID.

How to Get Started

Petobots currently has the Gladiator Battle mini-game as their Alpha version, with two more set to follow and several major content and game mode updates scheduled for the near future prior to the game's Beta release.

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Petobots is an NFT-based GameFi project where players collect robotic pets and use them to clash in PvP battles. Before each game, players make bets, and the winner takes all the prizes.


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