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In the futuristic mythological universe of Pegaxy, players can experience the play-to-earn excitement of PvP horse racing. The game showcases Pega, the powerful descendants of Pegasus, and allows participants to engage in thrilling competitive races. Victorious players earn rewards in the form of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and tokens, enhancing the excitement and value of their gaming experience.

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Welcome to Pegaxy: Blaze, a thrilling horse racing mobile game where you and seven other racers compete for the top placement. Utilize your elements, and skills, and maneuver your way into victory to increase your prestige. Upgrade and strategize to your heart's content, and claim the top spot in leaderboards. Owners can earn by Trading NFTs on the Marketplace, Collecting and trading rare Pega NFTs, and competing in tournaments. 


During the race, players can grab items from crates, using them to affect other Pegas negatively or assist you on the track. Pegas also have skills to gain advantages on the race when used wisely, together with a Nitro system that can be used to speed up strategically. Participate in various game modes available:

  • Racing Arena: Race your top Pega against 7 players on a random track. Be the first to cross the finish line for rewards.
  • Team Battle: Team up with random players against other teams for victory.
  • Solo Battle: Control your Pega in a solo battle against 7 players on a dynamic battleground. Collect bullets strategically to score.
  • Guild Tournament Mode: Join a guild, compete in Guild Tournaments, and help your guild climb the Season Leaderboard.

In both Racing and Battle modes, 8 players compete, earning rewards based on track position and changes in trophies. Rewards can upgrade Pegas for stronger races.


Players must select a Pega from their collection to compete on the track. Upon joining, you get 1 free Locked Pega. All locked Pega are non-tradable until a Key is used to unlock/turn them into a tradable NFT.

To upgrade, use VIS Silver (Locked) and Pega Parts. Once level capped, surpass this through Awakening —base and material. Refer to "Level-up Pega" for details.

Locked Pegas only fuse with other Locked Pegas, and Pega NFTs fuse exclusively with Pega NFTs.T he grey logo on the upper left of a Pega is an indicator that the Pega is an NFT.

Equipment & Upgrading: Looking to give your Pega a leg up in competition? It's all about the right equipment. Think of chests, skins, gear, and those all-important upgrade materials as your toolkit for improvement.

How do you get your hands on this gear? Two ways: put your skills to the test in gameplay, where chests can be rewards for your efforts, or head over to the shop to pick and choose what you need. Inside these chests, you'll find a mix of items designed to enhance your Pega's performance.

Shards / Guild System: Shards enables players to come together, form communities, and collaborate on objectives and goals within their organization.

Players who are included in an active guild and have a Pega NFT for racing can participate in the Guild Tournament mode, where Guild Points can be earned with each match to rank up their guild on the Season Leaderboard. Guild members can choose to spend on-chain VIS gold in order to be a “Competitor” in matches, which gives them the opportunity to compete for on-chain VIS gold rewards. The distribution of VIS rewards varies depending on how many players pay for the VIS and there will be a portion that will be burned.

NFTs and Web3 Integration

Pega NFTs: Pega NFTs possess unique benefits that locked Pegas do not have, making them valuable assets within the market.

  • Can be utilized in Guild Tournaments
  • Can be traded in the Marketplace

Pega Bloodlines and Rarity: There are four bloodlines of Pega, each representing a different element. For now, we have four bloodlines: Hoz, Campona, Klin, and Zan. In the future, new bloodlines will unlock. Each bloodline is identified by its wing design.

Pega Rarity is rooted in ancestry, historically determined through procreation. Symbolizing status and capability, rarity is a beloved trait among Pegaxians when it comes to their horses.

There are 5 rarity rankings for Pega:

  • Founding
  • Legendary
  • Epic
  • Rare
  • Pacer

Rarity is crucial for both in-arena and external activities, directly impacting stats and value within the market. Pegaxy has its own native marketplace for buying and selling; before making a purchase, make sure you're on the official link. Our marketplace is accessible at

How to Get Started

  1. Visit the Official Pegaxy Website.
  2. Pegaxy is F2P and available for all players to enjoy on iOS & Android mobile devices.
  3. Redeem your limited time starter pack with in-game code: GOBLAZE
  4. Familiarize yourself with the game mechanics & features through the whitepaper.
  5. Explore existing guilds or assemble your own in Shards & compete for more earning potential!

About Pegaxy


Mirai Labs

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Embark on an extraordinary adventure with Pegaxy, the play-to-earn PvP horse racing game set in a futuristic mythological world. Discover the magnificent Pega, descendants of the legendary Pegasus, and immerse yourself in the thrill of competitive races. As you conquer the tracks, you'll be rewarded with valuable NFTs and tokens, making each victory in this enchanting universe all the more rewarding.


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