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Panzerdogs is a Solana NFT gaming project where users can own each in-game asset and use them to battle against each other in tanks.

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Panzerdogs gameplay.webp
Panzerdogs contracts.png
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Essentially, Panzerdogs is a Solana NFT game in which players own all in-game assets and battle it out in tanks against each other. The game draws a lot of similar elements from two popular web3 games, Thetan Arena and Spider Tanks. The latter specifically can be directly compared to Panzerdogs in style, but with a more unique art style and different gameplay. All players, regardless of their previous cryptocurrency experience, will have a seamless onboarding onto the game to instantly enjoy what Lucky Kat Studios set up for their players.

Panzerdog has its players landing and dodging shots against opponents. Players strategize in real-time to outwit their opponents during battle, quickly turning the tide of the fight by using features like terrain manipulation, scouting, and ambush. Players are rewarded with tank parts that can be exchanged for tanks that they can use in game and other rewards too! Players who purchase avatars get early access to alpha and beta versions of Panzerdogs as well as more advanced and exclusive in-game rewards.

Tank NFTs

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Tank NFTs are made up of multiple parts that come in different rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic. The rarity of each tank part is linked to different in-game abilities. When used in PvE or PvP multiplayer modes, Tank NFTs allow players to use special abilities like shields and speed boosts. The tank will consist of three components each with their own stats and rarity:

  • Turret: Turrets are highly coveted components because they significantly affect a tank's ability to deal damage and are very visible.
  • Body: Chassis parts primarily focus on resistances and defense, including knockback, but can also affect mobility and turret behavior.
  • Track: Track parts largely affect a tank's mobility and agility, including its base speed, turning ability, and boost-related stats.


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The PanzerPass (PP) rewards players for playing the Panzerdogs game by providing a seasonal progression system. Each season, which lasts for two months, is divided into 200 levels and follows a theme related to the time of year and any relevant holidays. Players with avatars will receive a free Seasonal PanzerPass at the beginning of each season, granting access to the Premium track of the PanzerPass.

PanzerPass Missions are special in-game tasks that players can complete to earn PanzerPass Points (PPP) during the current season of the PanzerPass. These missions come in two types: daily missions, which are smaller tasks that can be completed within a single day, and weekly missions, which are more challenging and time-consuming tasks that reward players with more points. Weekly missions are gradually unlocked over the course of the season and remain available for the entire duration, allowing players who join later in the season to catch up by completing multiple missions at once.

Players can "re-roll" one of their current daily missions once per day to get a different task. Free-to-play players have access to basic daily and weekly missions, while players with Panzerdogs NFT Avatars have access to additional missions that allow them to progress through the PanzerPass more quickly.

How to Get Started

Luckily, Panzerdogs is available for players to enjoy on three platforms; Web, iOS, and Android mobile devices. The iOS and Android versions went live for testing in late November, featuring the bootcamp as well as the 3v3 Team Deathmatch or 3v3 Escort game modes.

The shooter game is being updated periodically with more and more features being added to the game by Lucky Kat Studios.

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Panzerdogs is a Solana NFT gaming project where players can own all of their in-game assets and use them for P2E and P2P battles.


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