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Developed on Unreal Engine 5, Oxya Origin combines shooter and strategy elements across a player-owned asset ecosystem. Players can craft, trade, and engage in a range of game modes, from exploration to intense PvP battles, all within a blockchain-enabled environment that prioritizes player agency and ownership.

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Oxya Origin unfolds in a dystopian galaxy where players navigate through the challenges of a new solar system, the OXYA system, discovered by factions fleeing an oppressive regime on Earth. This system, comprising hospitable planets like Naya, Kryo, and Luxion, introduces players to a unique physical law where a substance named OXYA is vital for life and the stability of matter.

As players dive into this rich narrative, they encounter a universe where cultural and moral principles of different factions lead to a fragile peace, with the quest for OXYA fueling potential conflict. This backdrop sets the stage for an immersive adventure shooter game that leverages NFTs and blockchain technology for asset ownership and a seamless economy, encouraging player interaction and community building within the OXYAVERSE.

Game Lore

The narrative foundation of Oxya Origin is ambitious, charting humanity's expansion into space over millennia. This storyline delves into survival, societal power dynamics, and adaptation to alien environments. The lore introduces a future dominated by a new elite class, whose oppressive regime drives dissenters to establish new civilizations on three distinct planets: Kryo, Naya, and Luxion. These planets serve as diverse backdrops for the game, each with unique challenges and environments.

  • Kryo: An ice-covered world where survival is a constant challenge, highlighted by perpetual snowstorms and a unique ecosystem beneath the surface.
  • Naya: A desert planet with a spiritual essence, home to a mysterious force that connects its flora and fauna, offering players a mix of mystique and danger.
  • Luxion: Characterized by volcanic activity and a toxic atmosphere, it presents a hostile environment that tests the player's survival skills.

Gameplay and Features 

"Oxya Origin: Road to Genesis" marks the entry point to the game's universe, showcasing the potential of Unreal Engine 5. The game innovates with a mix omechanics, combining exploration, combat, and a deep narrative.

Beyond the initial launch areas, the game world is set to evolve, introducing players to diverse environments each with their unique challenges, mysteries, and treasures. A core part of the gameplay is the continuous collecting of raw material resources, which can then be used for crafting and upgrading.

Drawing inspiration from timeless classics, the Roguelite Dungeons in Oxya Origin offer a relentless survival challenge. Each dungeon is unpredictable, with layouts, enemy encounters, and loot that change with every run. This ensures that no two dungeon runs are alike, pushing players to adapt their strategies, refine their skills, and optimize their equipment to survive the onslaughts and reap the rewards that await.

Anticipated as a key feature, the Battle Royale mode will inject a competitive edge into the universe of Oxya Origin. Players will be thrown into a survival arena where strategy, skill, and quick thinking will determine the victor. This mode is designed to offer a thrilling competitive experience that complements the explorative and narrative-driven aspects of the game, promising a diverse gameplay experience that caters to different player preferences.

With the ability to craft and upgrade weaponry on their Lands, players can enhance the specifications of their arms to better suit their combat style. The game introduces a variety of weapon categories, including long-range for snipers who thrive on precision from afar, mid-range for those who balance power and agility, short-range for the fast-paced combatant, and melee for players who prefer the intensity of close-quarters battle. This diverse arsenal ensures that every player can find a weapon that resonates with their personal approach to combat.

Buildings in Oxya Origin are the cornerstone of a player's influence and progress within the game. Each building category unlocks specific crafting and upgrading possibilities, integral to the Landlord experience and vital for establishing a player's presence on their chosen planet. From Armouries, where weapons and equipment are forged, to Engineering Bays, which allow the crafting of utility items like Extraction Bots and Combat Robots, buildings are central to a player's economic and strategic endeavors in the game. 

How to Get Started 

Oxya Origin is gearing up to launch its Private Beta testing phase, featuring exclusive events and opportunities to earn leaderboard prizes in their token, $OXYZ. Access to the Private Beta is available through various ways, such as winning whitelist spots or being part of a partnered community. However, securing a guaranteed spot for the event requires acquiring specific Oxya Origin NFTs, such as Avatars, Lands, Colonies, and Keys. These NFTs not only grant access to the game but also allow participants to compete for leaderboard rewards. Follow Oxya Origins' socials for the next steps of its private beta test. 

About Oxya Origin

Oxya Origin

Oxya Origin is an open-world adventure game set in a dystopian galaxy, leveraging Unreal Engine 5 and blockchain technology to offer players self-ownership of in-game assets and a frictionless economy.