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OverTrip is a thrilling and trippy battle royale game that merges competitive third-person shooter gameplay with skill-based token betting and NFT integration. Inspired by popular games like Fortnite and Valorant, it features a vibrant, psychedelic aesthetic.

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Get Trippy with OverTrip! Overtrip is the ultimate skill-based third-person shooter and battle royale, merging the excitement of competition with skill-based token betting and the integration of diverse NFT collections. Inspired by popular games like Fortnite and Valorant, OverTrip features a unique, vibrant, and psychedelic aesthetic.

Gameplay and Features

OverTrip is a third-person battle royale game where players compete in 20-player matches. The game features two main modes: Free Mode and Skill Mode, catering to both casual and competitive players.

  • Free Mode: This mode allows players to get acquainted with the game mechanics without any stakes. Matches last up to 18 minutes or until one player remains. Free Mode offers unlimited play, making it perfect for newcomers.
  • Skill Mode: This competitive mode introduces skill-based and token-based matchmaking. Players can bet on themselves using $TRIP tokens, with the potential to earn more by winning matches or placing in the top three. This mode adds a layer of excitement and rewards for more experienced players.

Player Movement and Combat

The gameplay in OverTrip emphasizes agility and strategy. Players can move quickly across the battlefield using mechanics such as dashing, sliding, and wall scaling. The combat system includes a diverse range of weapons, from firearms to melee weapons like swords, allowing players to adopt different strategies and playstyles.

Progression and Rewards

Progression and rewards in OverTrip are designed to keep players engaged and motivated. Players earn Experience Points (XP) for kills, assists, and strategic maneuvers, promoting continuous improvement and competition. The global leaderboards allow players to showcase their skills and track their progress against others. Additionally, completing daily and weekly missions provides various rewards, such as cosmetic items and $TRIP tokens, offering incentives for regular play and maintaining an engaging gameplay experience.

Game Modes

OverTrip offers various game modes to enhance the player experience. VIP Rooms allow players to create exclusive lobbies where they can play with friends, organize community games, or increase the stakes, adding a social and interactive aspect to the game. Additionally, high-value tournaments provide opportunities for competitive players to participate in events with significant rewards, allowing them to showcase their skills and compete on a larger stage.


Players can customize their characters using a wide array of cosmetic items, including skins and emotes. These items can be earned through gameplay, purchased in the marketplace, or obtained via NFTs. Customization allows players to express their unique style and stand out in the game.

NFTs and Blockchain

OverTrip integrates blockchain technology to enhance the gaming experience. NFTs in OverTrip are purely cosmetic and offer no strategic advantages. Players can acquire NFTs through the game's marketplace, third-party platforms like OpenSea, or by participating in in-game events. The game’s native token, $TRIP, is used in Skill Mode for betting and rewards.

$TRIP Token

Players can use $TRIP tokens to bet in matches, aiming to win more tokens through their victories. These tokens can be acquired by purchasing them through exchanges or by earning them by winning matches. The utility of $TRIP tokens lies in their ability to create a transparent and seamless in-game economy, fostering a more engaging and competitive environment for players.

Overtrip founder's ID

The OverTrip Founders' ID is an exclusive NFT collection that grants holders unique benefits, including priority access to future NFT drops, expanded inventory slots, and exclusive emotes.

How to Get Started 

While OverTrip is still in development, much exciting progress has been made. Eager to dive in? You can now wishlist the game on the Epic Games Store and stay updated with all the latest updates and announcements by following Overtrip on their social media accounts.

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OverTrip is a skill-based third-person shooter and battle royale that combines competitive gameplay, token betting, and NFT integration.