Enter the world of Ookeenga, where the strategic depth of Clash Royale meets the innovative world of blockchain gaming. This 3D strategy game captivates with its complex gameplay and stunning visuals, offering players a unique blend of tactical battles, an intriguing breeding system, and a rich, immersive narrative. Ookeenga stands out in the gaming landscape, offering both the thrill of real-time strategy and the benefits of play-own-earn dynamics.



Ookeenga is an innovative 3D gaming project that emerges as a standout in digital entertainment, reminiscent of the popular game Clash Royale in its strategic depth and engaging gameplay. Developed on the Binance Smart Chain, it represents a fusion of cutting-edge blockchain technology with the immersive world of gaming.

The game's breathtaking graphics, intricate world-building, and addictive gameplay elements, akin to the tactical and fast-paced nature of Clash Royale, combine to create a uniquely immersive play-own-earn experience. As a player in Ookeenga, you're not just engaging in a game; you're stepping into a new realm where every decision and strategy, much like in Clash Royale, can lead to tangible rewards.

The World and Story of Ookeenga

The narrative of Ookeenga is set in a mystical world where two factions, the Akhah and the Ahika, are locked in a perpetual struggle. The Akhah, viewing themselves as the pureblood aristocracy and led by the enigmatic Amoik (Holy Bug), have seized control of the Sacred Forest. This act has effectively exiled the Ahika, considered half-bloods, and monopolized the mystical source of Oom, the life energy emanating from the Source Tree. This rich and engaging backstory is not just lore; it forms the foundation of the game's strategic and social dynamics, influencing player interactions and the unfolding of the game's plot.



In PvP modes, players engage in intense battles with a clear objective: to destroy the opponent's towers within a set time limit. The game employs a strategic approach where the destruction of the Main Tower or the health of the remaining towers at the end of the time limit determines the winner. This mode tests players' strategic thinking, quick decision-making, and adaptability.

The PvE mode offers a different kind of challenge, where players progress through various stages, each culminating in a formidable boss fight. Victory in these stages not only rewards players with resources but also with treasure chests containing random rewards. Each stage victory opens the path to the next zone, with the current version of the game featuring an expansive five zones.

Breeding System

The breeding system in Ookeenga adds a layer of depth to the gameplay. Players can create new heroes by breeding two of their existing heroes. This system is carefully balanced to prevent inflation in the game's economy, as each hero has a limited breeding capacity. This mechanism ensures a fair and balanced gameplay environment, encouraging players to strategize their breeding choices.


How to Get Started

Ookeenga is an engaging 3D gaming adventure accessible both via web and on Android devices. While the Android version is not currently available on the Google Play Store, players can dive into the game by downloading the APK.

Step 1: Account Creation and Access

To begin your journey in Ookeenga, simply create an account and log in at play.ookeenga.io or you can also access through our Play Now feature.

Step 2: Mastering the Basics

For newcomers, Ookeenga offers a simple tutorial that covers troop management and fundamental gameplay mechanics. 

Step 3: Exploring Advanced Features

Once you're comfortable with the basics, the real adventure begins. Delve into the Ookeenga marketplace, a vibrant hub where players can trade and acquire new assets. The breeding system also comes into play, offering a unique opportunity to develop and enhance your troops. By strategically breeding your heroes, you can build an unstoppable army, tailored to your playstyle and strategy.

About Ookeenga


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Ookeenga is an innovative 3D strategy game on the Binance Smart Chain, reminiscent of Clash Royale's engaging mechanics, but with the added twist of blockchain technology. It offers a unique play-own-earn experience with strategic battles, a breeding system, and immersive graphics.


Ookeenga Team


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