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Dive into the action-packed world of One Tap, where precision meets strategy in a first-person shooter designed for the modern gamer. With its innovative pet companion system and a wide range of weapons, One Tap offers a fresh take on the FPS genre. Players can look forward to engaging in various competitive modes, each requiring a blend of tactical planning and sharpshooting skills to emerge victorious.

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Welcome to One Tap, the latest contender in the free-to-play first-person shooter arena. As an elite agent, you're pitted against other players in a high-stakes game of skill, strategy, and survival. One Tap offers a unique mix of gameplay mechanics, environments, and an innovative companion system.

Game Lore

The year is 2121, and the world has fully transitioned to virtual reality for all forms of interaction, including warfare. In this era, virtual arenas are the battlegrounds where Qorbs, soldiers with the genetically enhanced Qor gene, compete for supremacy. These arenas were born out of necessity, as the world sought a new form of conflict resolution. However, with the advent of peace in 2175, these warriors now fight for glory and entertainment in the Qor Gaming Arenas, under the watchful eye of the Elder Council.

Gameplay and Features

One Tap's control scheme is designed to be intuitive for FPS veterans while still accessible to newcomers. Movement is handled with the WASD keys, allowing for fluid navigation through the game's diverse maps. Tactical actions like crouching, sprinting, and jumping add layers of depth to player movement. Aiming and firing are as you'd expect, with right-click to aim down sights and left-click to fire. Unique to One Tap, the "Q" key deploys your pet, introducing a strategic element to combat, while the "E" key activates your main ability, crucial for turning the tide of battle.

Game Modes 

  • Deathmatch: A frenetic mode where players vie to rack up the most kills. It's all about quick reflexes and sharp shooting.
  • Gun Master: This mode challenges your proficiency with the game's entire arsenal. Each kill grants you a new weapon, pushing you to adapt on the fly until you've mastered them all.
  • Search and Destroy: Teamwork and strategy come to the forefront here. One team's goal is to plant a bomb, while the other must defuse it. The catch? Once you're down, you're out for the round, making each decision critical.
  • Exterminator: Adding a PvE element, players must eliminate dangerous mutated beasts while also contending with their opponents. It's a chaotic battle for survival where the environment is as deadly as the enemy.

Weapons and Combat

One Tap's weapon arsenal is filled with various choices that suit any playstyle. From the stealthy kill of a knife to the devastating impact of a rocket launcher, each weapon category brings its own strategy and flair to the battlefield. Understanding the nuances of each weapon, from fire rate and recoil to damage output, is key to mastering the game.


Pets in One Tap are a core part of your strategy. Before each round, players choose a pet, each with a unique ability that can dramatically influence the outcome of a battle. Whether it's granting you a burst of speed, providing stealth capabilities, bolstering your defenses, or delivering powerful attacks, your pet's ability is a once-per-round game-changer that, when used wisely, can secure victory from the jaws of defeat.

How to Get Started

Dive into the action with One Tap's beta, now open for players across multiple platforms. Choose your preferred platform on their website, and gear up for the upcoming mobile version by signing up through this link. In addition to experiencing the game, One Tap is hosting exciting and rewarding tournaments during this beta phase. You can join these tournaments and get all the details by navigating to the tournaments tab on their website or by becoming a part of their Discord community.

About One Tap


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One Tap

One Tap is a free-to-play first-person shooter by Qor Gaming. Players engage in intense battles, utilizing a unique pet system and a diverse arsenal to outmaneuver and outgun opponents in various game modes.


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