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Oath of Peak is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) set in an ancient world of mythology and legends.

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Oath of Peak is an MMORPG, developed by Yeeha Games, set in a mythical world, where players assume the role of an adventurer and explore 3D environments. They can encounter and interact with pets, monsters, and other players as they journey through the game. After the Heaven Realm was created, the Goddess of Creation created the Earth Realm as a paradise teeming with life and abundant resources. She used the elements to create Humans, Elves, Spirit Beasts, and other creatures, leaving the Earth Realm as a haven for their growth. But this utopia was soon coveted by Evil Spirits, who invaded the land after the Goddess's departure, causing chaos and destruction throughout.

As the Evil Spirits destroyed the Earth Realm, a hero with a sword rallied his people and led a resistance. The Elves joined forces with Humans and Spirit Beasts to become powerful Spirit Benders, eventually defeating the Evil Spirit invasion. Players can enter the Earth Realm, set thousands of years after the war, as new generation of Spirit Benders, captivated by the realm's history as told by a mysterious human. With the abilities of a Spirit Bender, players embark on a journey through the Omnispirit Realm, experiencing its moments of bravery and glory.

Spirit Benders

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Oath of Peak puts players in the shoes of a Spirit Bender. Players have the option to select from five distinct classes designed carefully by Yeeha Games, each with its own progression and combat strengths. They are the following:

  • Alkaid: Melee Fighter excels in sustained damage, tankiness and survival skills, using powerful claymores to conquer foes in battle.
  • Megrez: Ranged Mage excels in sustained damage, control and AOE skills, using the brush to summon natural disasters to overwhelm enemies.
  • Dubhe: Melee Assassin excels in burst damage, concealment and rogue skills, using double-edged swords to strike quickly and surprise enemies.
  • Phecd: The Ranged Physician is a fantasy character that excels in both healing and damage output, using a magical gourd to manipulate spirits. They have a range of supportive and combat skills.
  • Alioth: The Ranged Puppet Master is a fantasy character that excels in sustained damage output, skilled in using puppets to overpower opponents and even take down the stars.

Each class in Oath of Peak has three different mastery paths for players to choose from. Players can specialize in one or multiple masteries, and by combining skills from different paths, new effects can be created. Skills can be upgraded by using skill points, which can be reset at any time. As players level up, their skill point cap will increase and by feeding their Spirit Benders Kun Souls, it can be raised to a certain limit. To unlock mastery paths, players must complete corresponding trail quests. By specializing in six skills under a single mastery, players will also unlock its corresponding mastery effect.

Spirit Beasts

In the world of Oath of Peak, just as every living thing is unique, there are countless different types of Spirit Beasts. Spirit Benders can seal, breed, befriend, and nurture these companions and take them along on their journey. These companions range in strength, with the most powerful being known as Primordial Spirit Beasts (PSBs) or Primordials for short. These ancient and powerful beasts roam the realms and grant significant benefits to those who gain their favor. Each Spirit Beast has a stat called intelligence, with higher intelligence indicating a higher rank. Genesis Primordial Spirit Beasts all have an intelligence of 199, which places them at the Epic rank.


Oath of Peak players can seal, breed, befriend, and nurture Spirit Beasts to take them along on their journey. These companions have different Aptitudes, which affect their five base stats (Strength, Power, Dexterity, Physique, and Endurance). Better Aptitudes will result in stronger scores for the Spirit Beast's base stats. Spirit Beasts gain EXP when they participate in battles, and players can also feed them certain foods to raise their level. There are three ways to train Spirit Beasts: Remold, Star Palace and Perception. Remold resets the Spirit Beast's current Aptitude, Star Palace unlocks the Spirit Beast's stat boost and Perception improves Perception to provide specific attribute boosts.

Each Spirit Beast in Yeeha Games' Oath of Peak has an innate Active Soul Skill and an innate Passive Soul Skill. They unlock additional Passive Soul Skills at levels 10, 30, and 50, and additional Active Soul Skills at levels 20, 40, and 60. All Soul Skills, other than innate Soul Skills, can be replaced. There are six types of Spirit Beasts: Physical Attack, Physical Defense, Physical Auxiliary, Spell Attack, Spell Defense, and Spell Auxiliary.

How to Get Started

Oath of Peak is already playable on both iOS and Android for anyone interested in diving into Yeeha Games' vibrant MMORPG universe.

About Oath of Peak

Oath of Peak

Oath of Peak, a fantasy MMORPG with ancient mythology by Yeeha Games.


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