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No Way Back


No Way Back is a multiplayer third-person shooter with in-game rewards. Including several game modes such as team deathmatch, deathmatch, or battle royale, where you can prove your skills as a lone wolf or with your squad.

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No Way Back is trying to fill the void of an entertaining and addicting web3 battle royale shooter title,  developed and published by the Elixir Games team. No Way Back puts players in its world for exciting and tense game where they need to eliminate players to come out victorious. However, the development team's own spin on the genre including the introduction of the classical first-person shooter killstreak perks and other abilities that can aid you in battle.


Paladins, whether they are pretty or ugly, with or without wings, dead or alive, are unique pieces of art. They are cocky, but that is part of their charm. In the metaverse of No Way Back, players can join a faction and fight alongside one of these Paladins for resources and survival. However, it seems that the Paladins also fight for their own egos.

No Way Back players will progress through levels, unlocking resources, rewards, and new parts of the Paladin Armour. Once the fighting season is over, players will have the opportunity to keep their Paladin Armour as a unique NFT to trade or wear as a skin. Embrace ownership of your progress and give personality to your game experience with a unique visual aspect, all powered by blockchain technology.

These Paladins come split into four factions:

  • Dragon: The Dragons, hailing from the Downland Citadel, are infamous for their insatiable greed. Their relentless hunger for valuable and rare materials has earned them a reputation as the most ruthless, savage, and brutal realm in the LATERB Metaverse.
  • House Draco: House Draco is the original Realm of the LATERB world. They are a determined people who excel at extracting resources from their surroundings. Humans are not easy to defeat, as they have proven.
  • Royal Guards: The Royal Guards, who reside in the radiant realm of Edenland, are considered to be the most formidable creatures in the Metaverse. According to legend, they were formed from Diamond Rocks.
  • Undead Army: The Undead Army originates from the Underworld Metaverse, where their economy is driven by an insatiable hunger for flesh. The most skilled hunters are the wealthiest and most celebrated members of their society.


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No Way Back makes sure to capitalize massively on the attraction skins have in battle royale titles, with the game's core skins collection being split into NFT and regular skins for those who don't want to interact with blockchain or any web3 elements. Regular skins are in-game customization items, such as character skins or weapons, that are provided to new users in a limited number.

Additional skins can be obtained by completing in-game challenges (details to be revealed later). It's important to note that these skins are not NFTs and do not provide ownership rights to the user. They can be used in-game but cannot be traded or withdrawn. However, through certain mechanisms involving the $NWB token, they can be converted into NFTs which are superior items with added asset properties. These added properties will provide incentives for players to upgrade their skins while progressing through the LATERB Metaverse.

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NFT Skins are customizable characters and weapons, each with a limited supply available to mint, making each design a highly sought-after item. As NFTs, these skins provide proof of true ownership and can be traded with or sold to other players. There are three ways to acquire NFT Skins in No Way Back: by converting Regular (non-NFT) Skins with a $NWB minting fee, purchasing NFT Skins in the Shop from other NWB users, and crafting them from resources obtained from missions accomplished with Paladins (a $NWB minting fee is required).


Killstreak Rewards are special bonuses that players can earn by consecutively killing a certain number of enemies without dying. The higher the killstreak achieved, the better the special abilities that the player will gain, which will enhance the character's abilities or provide powerful equipment. Players will have their own unique playing style based on their combination of skills. Ultimately, players will be granted a final skill that will have the power to decide the outcome of the battle and end the game promptly.

At each Killstreak milestone, players will have a number of options to choose from before the game starts. For example, if each milestone has 5 different skill options, players will be able to select 3 options to use in-game. Skills can have passive or active effects, and players will adapt their choices according to their playstyle and the match environment in order to optimize their performance.

How to Get Started

No Way Back is currently scheduled to enter its public testing phase in Q3 2023, but Elixir Games holds tournaments and offer closed beta access to active community members periodically so stay on the lookout.

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No Way Back

No Way Back is the only Battle Royale featuring in-game snowballing mechanics.


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