Night Crows Guide: How to Secure Your Night Crows Account with Authy Verification

A comprehensive Night Crows guide on how to secure your Night Crows account with Authy verification

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Night Crows has been a massive hit since its launch, quickly amassing hundreds of thousands of players and securing significant global sales. New players eager to dive into the game might find the account security and login mechanics a bit confusing. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of using "Authy" for Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) authentication.

Night Crows integrates TOTP-based authentication to bolster security measures, ensuring that account access is protected against unauthorized use. This system is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your personal and game-related information.

Get Started with Downloading Authy

  1. Download Authy: Your first move is to download the Authy app on your mobile device(available on Android and iOS). Authy is your ally in generating secure, one-time passwords required for logging into Night Crows.
  2. Create Your Authy Profile: Launch Authy and register using your mobile number and email address. You'll receive an authentication code to verify your account setup. You can get this code through several means such as an SMS message, and an automated voice call. 

  • Login to Night Crows: Boot up your Night Crows game on your preferred device and proceed to the Human Verification section.

  • Deploy Authy: Open the Authy app and select 'Add Account'. This action sets the stage for linking Authy with your Night Crows account.

  • Choose Your Linking Method: For those on PC, use Authy to scan the QR code displayed by Night Crows. This auto-fills your account details in Authy. Confirm by saving. If the QR code isn't an option, manually enter the authentication code provided by Night Crows into Authy. Personalize with a nickname and icon, then save.
  • Authenticate: Authy will generate a 6-digit OTP. Enter this code into Night Crows to complete your human verification process.

NOTE: if you input the wrong code, simply restart the account addition process in Authy.

And that's a wrap! We hope this guide has clarified the process of using Authy for Night Crows's Human Verification. Take note that the game enforces a strict one-player-per-account policy to ensure fairness for all players. This human verification step introduces an additional layer of security, effectively shielding the game from bots and other bad actors that could compromise the integrity of the gameplay. Keep an eye on this page for further news and guides on Night Crows.


March 24th 2024


March 24th 2024

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