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Developed by WeMade, Night Crows plunges players into a detailed and magical reimagining of 13th-century Europe. This MMORPG combines strategic combat, extensive character progression, and immersive exploration. Players are offered various classes to choose from, engaging in solo and multiplayer challenges featuring the game's depth and complexity.

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Night Crows is an MMORPG that utilizes Unreal Engine 5 to create a detailed and immersive gaming environment. Recently Launched globally by Wemade, Night Crows sets itself in 13th-century Europe, weaving magic into the historical backdrop of relentless warfare. It invites players into a world where their actions can shift the balance between day and night, chaos and order, through a blend of strategy and skill.

Gameplay and Features

The game is set in a war-torn world divided into regions. Players begin their journey with no level restrictions, diving straight into the world of Night Crows. To diversify gameplay, players can choose from four initial classes: Warrior, Swordman, Hunter, and Witch. Each class offers unique abilities and paths of progression, enhancing the game's replayability by encouraging the exploration of different strategies and combat styles.

  • Warrior: Known for their prowess with the Two-handed Sword, Warriors excel in melee combat, engaging foes head-on.
  • Swordman: Masters of the sword and shield, Swordmen specialize in defensive maneuvers, ideal for players who favor a balanced approach to offense and defense.
  • Hunter: Hunters wield bows to strike from a distance, making them perfect for players who prefer ranged attacks.
  • Witch: Utilizing Elemental-based magic, Witches offer a ranged class option for players interested in spellcasting and area-of-effect damage.

The 1st Advancement

As players progress, they encounter opportunities for class advancement, further refining their characters' abilities and roles within the game. Each class has two advancement options, providing further specialization and tactical advantages in combat. Advancements require the completion of specific quests and the use of the Scroll of Advancement, obtainable through crafting. Advancing changes the character's appearance and unlocks new abilities, emphasizing the player's growth and development within the game.

  • Warrior Advancements: Choose between Vanguard, excelling in aggressive melee combat with Two-handed Swords, or Spearman, offering the ability to engage multiple targets from a distance with spears.
  • Swordman Advancements: Opt for Soldier, focusing on damage mitigation and area control, or Dualsword, which combines offensive power with self-healing capabilities.
  • Hunter Advancements: Decide between Archer, specializing in long-range attacks and crowd control, or Rogue, adept at stealth and dealing high damage to neutralized targets.
  • Witch Advancements: Select Professor for powerful area damage and target neutralization, or Scholar for support, healing, and ally stat boosts.


Mounts in Night Crows serve as a fast mode of transportation, enhancing exploration speed. Available after completing a specific main quest, mounts can be managed, equipped for stat boosts, and even combined to achieve higher grades, each with improved equipment effects. The game features a range of mounts, from Normal to Mythical grades, each with a different look and mechanic. 


The Glider introduces a new movement and combat mechanic, allowing players to soar through the sky and engage in aerial tactics. gliders come in various grades and are equipped with features like Hover, Flight Rush, and Dive Attack, offering dynamic combat and exploration possibilities.


Dungeons provide a special hunting ground where players can face challenging foes for rewards. Divided into Normal and Special dungeons, entry requirements vary, with some dungeons accessible only after completing certain main quests. Dungeons feature multiple floors, each increasing in difficulty and reward, presenting players with opportunities to test their skills and strategies.


The Battlefront is a seasonal combat area where players can engage in growth, cooperation, and competition. With unique monsters, boss battles, and rewards based on performance, the Battlefront is a pivotal aspect of Night Crows, emphasizing player interaction and competitive spirit.

NFTs and Blockchain

The game's economy features a Play and Earn model, where in-game activities are monetized through tokenization. This approach allows players to earn through gameplay, leveraging a multi-utility token system and NFTs based on character progression.

Character NFTs

Recognizing characters as valuable assets, Night Crows enables the minting and trading of character NFTs along with their gear and progression. This system allows players to capitalize on the investment of time and resources into their characters, facilitated through a dedicated marketplace.

How to Get Started 

Night Crows is now playable across Android, iOS, and Windows platforms, featuring complex combat systems and Web3 integrations. This official guide will assist newcomers in navigating the world of Night Crows. 

About Night Crows



Release Date

March 12th 2024

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Night Crows

Night Crows is an MMORPG set in a war-torn world of 13th-century Europe, where players can explore vast landscapes, engage in strategic combat, and advance through a dynamic class system.