Night Crows Guide: How to Mint $CROW Tokens

A comprehensive guide on How to Earn by minting $CROW Tokens

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Night Crows has taken the web3 MMORPG gaming scene by storm with its impressive daily active users and revolutionary player-owned marketplace, merging the in-game economy with the real world economy. If you've been following our series of Night Crows guides, you're already familiar with the strategies to power-level your character to level 45 and efficiently farm those precious diamonds, which are both crucial for unlocking the game's token and NFT features. 

Before we move forward, let’s recap a crucial point from our previous guides: only value-added diamonds (vDIA) are eligible to be minted into $CROW tokens. Remember, diamonds purchased directly from the in-game store don’t count as vDIA. VDIA can only be acquired by trading on the Exchange (player marketplace) or by completing requests at the Request Station.

And it’s not just diamonds that can earn you tokens; other in-game items like Morion, Papyrus, Gear, Tear, Promote, and Feather can also be transformed into their tokenized forms, expanding your opportunities to monetize your gameplay.

Keep in mind, that the ability to mint tokens kicks in at level 45. However, the NFT features become available once your character reaches level 50 and achieves a second advancement.

Ready to Convert Your Loot?

If you've reached level 45, it's time to turn those hard-earned diamonds and other valuable items into real cash. Here’s a step-by-step process 

Step 1: Get Connected

First, head over to the "Token" tab from the dropdown menu in the game. You’ll be prompted to choose a blockchain network and connect a digital wallet. For this guide, I recommend selecting the WEMIX chain and pairing it with an Una wallet for optimal compatibility. To link your wallet, simply open the wallet app on your phone and scan the provided QR code. If you need further assistance, check out our detailed guide for more step-by-step instructions.

Step 2: Choose Your Asset to Mint

Next, the game will ask you to select which game assets you'd like to mint into $CROW tokens or their tokenized equivalents. The most common conversions are from value-added diamonds (vDIA) to $CROW tokens, and from items like Morion/Papyrus into their tokenized versions. Remember, only items that are not "bound" can be used in token minting. Additionally, keep in mind that converting vDIA to $CROW tokens is only possible if the market price of $CROW is above $0.75 per token, based on a 24-hour average.

Step 3: Mint!

After selecting your assets to tokenize, specify the quantity you wish to swap. Be aware of the token conversion rates and any applicable minting fees. For example in this image, if you're looking to mint $Morion, you'll need at least 10 in-game tradeable Morion, and you can only mint in increments of 10.

You can then press the mint button which will procs a sign message on your Una wallet. Once minting is done, you will then be able to see the $CROW tokens or tokenized assets on both your Night Crows game account and your Una wallet.   

Step 4: Swap into $WEMIX

Congratulations! You've successfully minted your game assets into their tokenized forms. The next step to convert these tokens into real-world money is to use exchanges like PNIX Exchange and Wemix Play. You'll need to swap your newly minted tokens for $CROW, and if you've already done that, the next step is to exchange your $CROW tokens for $WEMIX.

There are several options available for making these exchanges: you can use PNIX Exchange to swap tokenized assets, like Morion, for $CROW

Alternatively, Wemix Play allows you to convert $CROW tokens into $WEMIX.

The Una wallet's swap feature is another convenient option for these transactions. Please note that these exchanges will incur transaction fees and require $WEMIX tokens to cover gas fees. Therefore, it's important to ensure your wallet is sufficiently funded with $WEMIX, which you can obtain by depositing funds from supported centralized exchanges (CEXs) such as, Bybit, and Kucoin.

Step 5: Cash Out

After successfully swapping your tokenized assets for $WEMIX, the next phase involves cashing out these tokens into real-world money. This can be done by moving your $WEMIX tokens (take note that it's $WEMIX that you should move to a CEX, not WEMIX$) to a supported centralized exchange (CEX), where you can use peer-to-peer (P2P) trading features to convert them into cash.

To initiate this process, deposit your $WEMIX tokens from your Una wallet into your chosen CEX wallet. This involves navigating to the deposit section of the exchange, selecting $WEMIX as the asset you wish to deposit, and ensuring you choose the correct blockchain, specifically the WEMIX chain to complete the transfer

And that's a wrap on our guide to transforming your hard-earned diamonds into $CROW tokens, and eventually, real-world cash! We hope this walkthrough has shed some light on the token-minting process in Night Crows. Keep up with the diamond farming, and happy gaming Night Crows Crew!


June 2nd 2024


June 2nd 2024

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