Night Crows Guide: Free to Play Guide on How to Earn $CROW Part 2

A comprehensive Free to Play guide on how to earn in Night Crows Part 2

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Welcome to the Continuation of Our Night Crows Free-to-Play Guide!

In the previous guide, we laid out the game basics, discussing how to level up your characters, upgrade gear efficiently, and obtain those hard-earned diamonds. This guide will discuss additional strategies and insights for your free-to-play journey in Night Crows.

Join a Guild and Contribute

The concept of Guilds and Unions (a partnership among several guilds) is not new to MMORPGs like Night Crows. Simply put, Guilds are a place for players to combine their efforts for the game, as members enjoy guild benefits while also progressing the guild's ranking.  But why join a Night Crows Guild? Well, joining a guild will introduce you to other players who can party up with you help with your quests, and guide you in the game as well

Once you enabled the guild function in Night Crows, you can open the guild tab and either freely join or apply to join a guild. Don't forget to check in daily to your guild and donate gold (or other items).

A Night Crows Guild has a maximum of 50 members, and Once you get accepted, you will now be  a member of that guild and are expected to finish Guild-related tasks:

Guild Orders

Guild Orders in Night Crows are similar to side quests, but for the whole Guild, rewarding players with Guild Coins, loot boxes, and items essential for advancing the Guild's Journal. These orders, which refresh daily, offer a structured way to contribute to your guild's progress, with a limit of five orders per day.

The Guild Orders range from eliminating monsters across various game locations such as anywhere on the World Map, the BattleFront, or within the depths of Special and Regular Dungeons. The required number of monsters to defeat varies, starting from 240 and can go up to 800. For those looking to optimize their efforts, spending gold to reroll guild orders for potentially more rewarding tasks is an option.

To make the most out of your guild orders, timing and strategy are key. After the daily reset, prioritize the order with the highest monster elimination requirement. This approach saves us gold by eliminating the need for rerolls. Additionally, integrating your guild orders with daily quests or dungeon activities can significantly boost your efficiency. For example, if your guild order involves eliminating monsters on the World Map, align this with your daily quests, as monsters killed on your Daily Quests will count on the Guild order requirements as well. You can also do this when AFK farming on the battlefront, or clearing your remaining time on special dungeons.

Party Up: Once you join a guild, communicating with your guild members becomes much easier thanks to the in-game guild chat. Take advantage of having guild members by helping each other clear quests and guild orders.

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Note:  When you're in a party, all party members' monster kills/eliminations will count towards the progress of your quests/guild orders. The party members don't have to be from your guild; they can be just random people from your server! This is particularly useful if you're tackling guild orders with a large number of requirements or helping each other progress through main quests. However, be aware that when in a party, loot drops are randomized among party members, and you will also receive less gold and XP. A game setting can assist you with automatically accepting party invites. Simply go to settings > Functions > Convenience, and then select the appropriate party settings.

Progress Restore Your Guild's Journal

Once you complete Guild Orders, in addition to receiving guild coins and the guild loot box, you will also obtain items that contribute to the restoration of your Guild's Journal. Utilize these items to aid in your guild's progress and activate specific buffs and bonuses for your Guild.

What is in it for me?

So, you've put in the hard work and dedicated time to complete these Guild Orders. What do you get out of it? As mentioned earlier, the guild's progress rewards its members in several impactful ways:

Guild Level Benefits:  As your Guild levels up with the help of all its members doing guild orders, it will progressively unlock useful Guild-level benefits such as EXP growth and Combat Stats.

Daily Check-in Rewards: Checking in daily to your guild will reward you with Guild Coins which you can use to buy useful items on the Guild Merchant 

Guild Traits:  These are core guild-affiliated buffs and upgrades that members receive for completing Guild orders and progressing the Guild Journal. Once certain Guild levels and Journal progress milestones are reached, the guild owner can select from a variety of buffs and upgrades to be awarded to each guild member. As a free-to-play player, a crucial stat provided by these Traits is combat stats, such as ACCURACY. Another important Guild trait involves unlocking essential materials that will be made available from the Guild merchant, including core crafting materials like Ancient Papyrus, higher Seals of Advancement, and Skill Books.

Boss Raid and Loot Drops

Another fundamental gameplay mechanic for Guilds is the Weekly Boss Dungeons. In these dungeons, all members of the Guild can participate and battle through a series of Boss Fights to secure valuable loot. A key strategy in Boss Fights is to form parties that include a healer. The bosses possess very high HP, making it necessary for the entire guild, potentially up to 50 players, to regroup and collaborate to clear the dungeon. Additionally, certain loot drops, such as gold, can be distributed by the Guild owner to all of its members.

Battlefront Merchant 

The Battlefront Merchant offers core crafting items such as Iron Ore, Quartz Mineral, Furball, etc. These items are crucial for crafting gear, so it is advised that you purchase all of these daily. However, take note that these items are bound (non-tradeable), but you can still use them to craft your first rare gear.

Morion and Papyrus 

As a free-to-play player, aside from fortunate item drops, your most reliable source of Diamonds are Morion and Papyrus, which are both essential crafting materials that can be obtained from Regular and Special Dungeons. In these dungeons, you will receive either bound or tradeable Morion and Papyrus. As a general tip, you can keep the bound Morion and Papyrus for your crafting needs and sell the tradeable ones for diamonds.

Guild Merchant

Similar to the Battlefront Merchant, the Guild Merchant offers core items that reset either daily or weekly. You can purchase items here using your Guild coins. One of the most important items sold here is the weekly bound Papyrus, and depending on your Guild, some rare items like the Higher Seal of Advancement will be unlocked. 

Request Station

Another source of diamonds is the Request Station. The Request Station is categorized into requests for Region, Dungeon, and Crafting, featuring quests or crafting tasks requested by other characters to earn Diamonds. A tip for securing requests that entail easier tasks, such as lower-level dungeons, is to be on the Request Station bulletin board just before it resets and accept the requests you can complete.

Gold Shop

The Gold Shop offers useful items and summons in exchange for gold. As part of your daily routine, make sure to purchase most of the items you need, and consider buying everything from the summon shop.

Combine Mount and Ws

If you have duplicates of mounts and weapon styles, don't hesitate to use the combine feature. This feature uses the extra copies of Mounts and WS to attempt to create a mount or WS of a higher rarity. Note that the success rate for combining into a higher rarity is quite low, but it will only consume the extra copies, so it's worth a try.

Maximize Stats from the Collection 

We've already briefly discussed the collection in the first part of this article. But aside from accuracy, what other stats are useful? Generally, if your accuracy is sufficient to clear mobs at a decent pace and progress through your main quests, the next stats to boost are all the PvE stats and DMG stats. These are very useful since most of the game revolves around PvE. A useful tip is to filter the collection sets that enhance the aforementioned stats. Note that some DMG stats are only applicable to certain classes,  for example, if you are a melee user like a spearman, the "melee DMG" stat is beneficial for you, on the other hand "ranged DMG" and "Magic DMG" may not enhance your current class.

Save Diamonds for Battle Passes 

If you've saved up enough Diamonds, a practical use for them is to purchase battle passes. Battle passes are categorized in different ways, such as Summon pass, Artifact pass, Gold pass, etc. These battle passes are most valuable if you manage to complete them, so ensure that if you're saving up to buy battle passes, you're also able to finish them.

And that's a wrap! this guide is filled with tips and strategies to elevate your daily routine in Night Crows.  Stay tuned for the next part as we'll cover the process of cashing out $CROW. Keep an eye on our Night Crows guides page for more tips and tricks about Night Crows.


April 3rd 2024


April 3rd 2024

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