XBorg and Polkastarter Gaming Announce Strategic Partnership

Our vision for the future of web3 gaming aligned, and a strategic partnership between XBorg and Polkastarter Gaming was born.

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Mostafa Salem

Head of Gaming Research


Esports in web3 gaming is still in its infancy, but XBorg is one of the most promising up and coming esports organization in blockchain gaming. That’s why our vision for the web3 gaming future aligned, and a strategic partnership between XBorg and Polkastarter Gaming was born.

This union offers XBorg access to a game publishing and distribution platform and will bolster the company’s mission of becoming the largest esports organization in Web3. Additionally, this partnership strengthens Polkastarter’s access to leading Web3 technology and capabilities pioneered by XBorg which they may distribute within their community.

What this means to both communities is the opportunity for XBorg community members to get early access spots in a number of highly anticipated web3 games through Polkastarter Gaming. While on the other side, our community get to enjoy a vibrant community and benefit from their advanced proprietary technologies such as SBTs to be implemented and potentially used in our upcoming revamped version of the Polkastarter Gaming platform.

Last but not least, as you have already seen on both our socials, the marketing events will continue to be organized in tandem to cross pollinate and grow each other’s web3 gaming outreach. We are happy to be part of XBorg’s Esports in Web3 Twitter space coming up tomorrow on August 26th at 7 PM CET.

Just keep in mind no one will take our number one spot in Undead Blocks so keep those EV.IO skills to yourself.

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September 21st 2023


August 25th 2022

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