Voxie Tactics Transitions its NFTs to Polygon

Voxie Tactics is moving over their NFT characters to Polygon for a more friendly and gasless experience when trading.

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Voxie Tactics has had its NFT Voxie characters available for purchase on Ethereum since release. The team recently announced their decision to shift over their NFTs to Polygon. Understandably, the primary reason for the move is to allow users to enjoy a more seamless strategy gaming experience when trying to interact with their Voxies or trading them through various marketplaces.

The team over at AlwaysGeeky Games shared a detailed breakdown of what will happen between 20th of September, when the transition will take place, and till the end of the process on 22nd of September. From 10 AM ET, all Voxie Tactics NFT holders are instructed to pause all trading, and even preferably taking down any active listings. From their onwards, the team will deploy the Polygon Voxies NFT contracts at 1 PM ET on 21st of September. Once done, users will receive the same assets they used to hold on Ethereum on Polygon following the snapshot at 10 AM ET on 22nd of September.

Within the casual web3 gaming genre, the likes of Thetan Arena, The Sandbox Game, Decentraland, among others, have all adopted Polygon as their network of choice when it comes to deploying in-game assets. The lower gas fees is usually the primary reason behind the shift, but it comes with other benefits, enabling games to scale into the number of users they are trying to achieve.

Do you think Polygon will be the future blockchain network for web3 gaming? Which chain are you most used to interacting with? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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September 21st 2023


September 13th 2022

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