Undead Blocks Adds New Football Zombie Boss, Infinite Waves, and More

Undead Blocks latest update now removes the round cap from 5 to infinite waves, adds the new American football zombie boss, brings new weapons, and more.

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Undead Blocks was one of the 32 finalists in the inaugural edition of the GAM3 Awards, and rightfully so. The game recently saw the release of a 25,000 supply loot coffin NFT collection directly on the GameStop NFT marketplace. All loot chests will contain a weapon skin that can be used within any of the upcoming Undead Blocks franchise titles as well as any Wagyu Games studio games.  The latest update brings with it a bunch of much anticipated features, including opening the cap from 5 rounds to infinite waves of zombies, new weapons for players to enjoy, boss zombies every 10 rounds, and various quality of life improvements.

Along with Lucas, gamers can now choose Eva as a playable character. This is the second character from the game's recognizable key visuals since release. The character doesn't influence gameplay in any way but it surely adds a different flavor with a new set of witty one-liners and funny voice lines. In addition to that, the new boss zombie spawns in every 10 rounds wearing an American football attire and noticeably bigger in size than the rest of the zombies we encountered in Undead Blocks so far.

There are now three new explorable areas with a weapon hanging on the wall inside the top floor of the main house and the two houses closest to it. Players can now select from three new weapons in this update: A revolver, a baseball bat, and an M1A Assault Rifle. These weapons can be found in the weapon crate throughout the game or hung on a wall.

What was the highest level you managed to get? Did you manage to get past the football zombie boss?

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September 21st 2023


December 21st 2022

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