Undead Blocks Loot Coffin NFTs Go Live on GameStop

Undead Blocks runs it back one more time to the good ol' CS:GO days with their latest Loot Coffin NFTs drop on GameStop's marketplace.

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Wagyu Games, creators of the web3 zombie shooter survival blockbuster Undead Blocks, announced today a strategic partnership with GameStop NFT. This collaboration will see them release a 25,000 supply loot coffin NFT collection directly on the GameStop NFT marketplace. All loot chests will contain a weapon skin that can be used within any of the upcoming Undead Blocks franchise titles as well as any Wagyu Games studio games.

Loot coffin NFTs went on sale today, December 5th, and sparked an instant nostalgic throwback to anyone in web3 gaming who experienced Counter-Strike: Global Offensive crates. The supply of the 25,000 NFTs was split and priced as follows:

  • 12,000 Common Coffins — 0.01 ETH per coffin
  • 10,000 Rare Coffins — 0.02 ETH per coffin
  • 3,000 Legendary Coffins — 0.03 ETH per coffin

Keep your eyes peeled for rare Gold and Silver ticket items hidden inside of these loot coffins. Each loot coffin will have a Gold and Silver ticket item, with the following distribution:

  • Common Coffin Tier: 1 Iridescent and 1 Gold Rookie Pack
  • Rare Coffin Tier: 1 Iridescent and 1 Gold Commander Pack
  • Legendary Tier: 1 Iridescent and 1 Gold Veteran Pack

If you are an Undead Blocks fan, just like us, and excited for the loot coffin reveal, then there is one more piece of news that might pleasantly surprise you. If you hold at least 10 common, 5 rare, or 2 legendary coffins in your connected IMX L2 wallet as of December 18th, then one of those weapon skins will be given a legendary ‘Interstellar’ weapon skin on that date to honor your commitment to being a true zombie warrior. Each skin will be sequentially numbered and airdropped to each wallet that meets the above requirements. This skin will only be made available during this loot coffin drop, and no one can ever mint it or earn it in any other way.

How excited are you for the Undead Blocks loot coffin NFT drops? How many loot coffins did you pick up yourself so far? Share this article and tag us on any of our socials to let us know.

Make sure to check out our Undead Blocks guide before the daily earnings kick in.   

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