The Sandbox Game Partners with Legendary Japanese Studio, TOEI ANIMATION

The Sandbox Game already has an expansive list of partners, and the legendary Japanese studio, TOEI ANIMATION, becomes the latest addition.

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The Sandbox Game has announced a new partnership with TOEI ANIMATION, a renowned producer of Japanese animation with popular IPs such as "DRAGON BALL," "SAILORMOON," and "ONE PIECE." In collaboration with Minto, Inc., The Sandbox will create experiences within its Metaverse based on TOEI ANIMATION's IPs.

As a pioneer of Japanese animation, TOEI ANIMATION has produced some of the largest and most well-known animation productions worldwide. The Sandbox is excited to continue its mission of partnering with Japanese animation production IP brands through this collaboration.

Through this partnership, The Sandbox plans to deliver unique experiences based on TOEI ANIMATION's world view on its LAND. To celebrate this collaboration, The Sandbox will be giving away a limited edition NFT to the first 1,000 users who register. The NFT details will be revealed soon. To be eligible to receive the NFT, users must be among the first 1,000 to register and have a verified The Sandbox account with a linked wallet address. The Sandbox will require users to complete a KYC verification process to receive the NFT.

In September 2022, The FaZe Clan announced a special experience will be coming to The Sandbox Game players this year in 2023. Their reveal came after Paris Hilton‘s unique avatars and Malibu Mansion, then revealed Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen adaptation, the first culinary experience in the game. Not only that, The Sandbox Game's Game Maker tool update 0.8 had tons of highly requested features that left creators excited to get on it.

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September 21st 2023


February 16th 2023

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