The Sandbox Game Teases Tons of New Features in Game Maker 0.8

The Sandbox Game thrives with its creator economy, and its Game Maker tool just got a lot better.

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The Sandbox Game lives up to its name and offers players a true sandbox experience, where they can create unique experiences on their land and monetize accordingly. All of these adventures feed off the immensely talented community and creators the game has managed to attract to constantly design and put out content using the in-game Game Maker tool. On top of that, the encouragement through The Sandbox Game's Game Maker Fund is a main incentive. The team recently gave everyone a glimpse of the upcoming Game Maker 0.8 and its brand new features.

Multiplayer has always been a huge part of The Sandbox Game, but not its Game Maker tool. Finally, players will be able to engage in exciting new forms of competition, cooperation, and interaction, such as multiplayer races and parkour and obstacle courses. Creators will have the opportunity to provide their players with a wide range of thrilling experiences.

The 0.8 update to The Sandbox Game Maker will enhance socialization and self-expression in the metaverse by allowing players to publish their own social spaces in the draft gallery and inviting others to join them. The new emote wheel will provide a wide range of avatar animations for players to use to express themselves. Additionally, players will be able to showcase their custom wearables and equipment in social hubs, further promoting customization and self-expression.

There are a ton of other changes, allowing players to implement a plethora of visual and sound effects as well as new streaming features to allow for more content diversity. This will enable players to integrate tons of new media to organize concerts, events, and parties for everyone to join.

In September 2022, The FaZe Clan announced a special experience will be coming to The Sandbox Game players this year in 2023. Their reveal came after Paris Hilton‘s unique avatars and Malibu Mansion, then revealed Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen adaptation, the first culinary experience in the game. This mixture of top brands and mainstream cultural icons will make the title an incredibly recognizable name if it continues down the same path.

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September 21st 2023


January 7th 2023

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