The Bornless Arrives on Steam and Epic Games

Join the mysterious world of The Bornless, a free-to-play horror FPS. Face rivals, demons, utilize black magic, and uncover the secrets of the Bornless Ritual.

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The highly anticipated horror FPS, The Bornless, has officially landed on both Steam and Epic Games platforms. This free-to-play action-packed game invites players to face off against rivals and demons in a mysterious and Lovecraftian world.

The Bornless is available as an Early Access game, giving players the opportunity to dive into the game while it's still under development. As a result, players may encounter unforeseen issues or entirely new gameplay elements as the game evolves. Those who prefer a more polished experience can wait until the game offers a complete version. The Bornless is more than just an FPS; it's an action horror experience filled with various gameplay modes, including last-man-standing co-op and a unique demon versus disciple mode. Players can form teams, summon demons for aid in combat, and implement strategic planning and resource management to survive.

In The Bornless, players can join or create a Faction, seizing control of territories on a global campaign. This includes building and upgrading Safehouses, utilizing base-building tools, and participating in seasonal competitive tournaments. With different Black Magick abilities such as Corvus Eye and unique game modes like Orobas, players must strategically navigate the world of The Bornless. Collecting and upgrading weapons adds another layer to this complex game, allowing customization and a personalized approach to combat.

Players interested in this thrilling experience can now watch the trailer and add the game to their wishlists on both Steam and Epic Games.

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September 6th 2023


August 9th 2023

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