The Beacon Reveals The Harvester Event

The Beacon Harvester Event allows players to earn $MAGIC rewards by bonding with Harvesters. Participate in the two-phase adventure to earn Ancient Permits.

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The Beacon Harvester Event is a unique opportunity for players in the Treasure universe to earn $MAGIC rewards by forming bonds with Harvesters. Originating from Bridgeworld, Harvesters are massive entities serving as physical manifestations of $MAGIC rewards. They provide these rewards to players who have gained their favor through the staking of Scales of Emerion (or Ancient Permits).

This event unfolds in two distinct phases:

  • Phase 1 (June 5th - June 19th): Players venture into new dungeons each week, facing off against a challenging new boss, Grin. The dungeons yield regular loot and an event-specific item, the Scale of Emerion, which plays a role in the $MAGIC emission mechanics after the Harvester awakens on June 19th. This phase also features new limited edition sets that can be obtained via dungeon drops.
  • Phase 2 (June 19th and onwards): The Harvester awakens and begins to function fully. Players can interact with the Harvester via the Beacon web app, where they can claim their Ancient Permits and engage with other event mechanics. Here, players can stake Ancient Permits to earn $MAGIC rewards.

Throughout the event, players can engage with various mechanics like staking Ancient Permits, boosting $MAGIC reward with Moonfae, crafting Nullstones to combat Harvester corruption, and more. Remember, only founding characters can earn NFTs and Scales of Emerion.

The event timeline is as follows:

  • June 5th: Harvesters event begins.
  • June 7th: Tournament qualifiers start.
  • June 12th - June 14th: Participate in the live speedrun tournament.
  • June 19th: The Harvester awakens. Stake your Ancient Permits and start earning $MAGIC rewards.

What are you most looking forward to experience in The Beacon's Harvester event?

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September 6th 2023


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