Tales of Elleria Celebrates its First Anniversary with Special Events

A year has passed since Tales of Elleria went live and the studio has several in-game events to reward players for sticking around.

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Tales of Elleria is celebrating its first anniversary, and the team behind the game would like to express their gratitude to the incredible community that has supported them throughout the year. To mark this milestone, Tales of Elleria is hosting a series of events, features, and rewards for its players.

During the Anniversary Leveling Event in April, players can level up their heroes without needing EXP, requiring only $MEDALS and $ELM. Additionally, players can earn Soul-Bound Scrolls as rewards for leveling up during the event. To further enhance the gaming experience, players can enjoy various combat boosts such as Blessing of Might, Harmony of Souls, and Strength In Numbers to increase their hero's power on the battlefield.

The Anniversary Medals Boost event offers players double the $MEDALS when they send their heroes on Basic Task Assignments. This provides an excellent opportunity for upgrading heroes and rising up the leaderboard. Players also have the opportunity to rename their heroes at no cost during the Free Hero Renames event, allowing them to personalize and truly make their heroes their own.

The new Hero Rebirth feature is being introduced, allowing players to burn a hero to reroll another hero's stats. This reroll feature comes at zero cost, and further details will be provided in a separate Medium post. The Ellerian Emporium is making its debut, where players can purchase Random Skin Boxes for 25 $ELM, and upon opening, they will receive a Common, Rare, or Legendary Costume for their hero.

Finally, the new Tower of Babel feature presents players with challenging monsters and enticing prizes on each floor. Players can compete for leaderboard rewards and showcase their skills. The timeline of release for these events and features is as follows: the Hero Rebirth Feature release and Combat and Assignment Boosts begin on 3rd April 2023; the Leveling Event and Renaming Event start on 10th April 2023; the Cosmetic System release and Premium Light & Dark Lootbox Airdrop occur on 17th April 2023; the Combat and Assignment Boosts, Leveling Event, and Renaming Event conclude on 30th April 2023; and the Tower of Babel release is set for May 2023.

Join Tales of Elleria in celebrating its first anniversary and take part in these exciting events, features, and rewards.

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