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Tales of Elleria (TELL) is an online role-playing game where players can summon heroes, take on assignments, go on quests and epic adventures to conquer the unknown.

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Tales of Elleria is a thrilling RPG that lets players summon heroes, complete tasks, embark on quests, and experience epic adventures as they conquer the unknown. By playing the game, players can earn valuable Ellerium, Relics, and Equipment.

In Tales of Elleria, dangerous monsters pose a threat to the city, requiring heroes to step up and defend it. Forming teams, these heroes embark on perilous quests for glory and rewards. As a resident of Elleria, you have the power to summon heroes to join your team.


Heroes can take on missions for Medals, each with varying requirements and rewards. Use these Medals to enhance your heroes, participate in quests, and improve equipment through blacksmithing and enchanting. Engage in battles against monsters to earn rewards, gear, and Elm. Quests come in varying difficulties, so choose wisely and be prepared to use your skills to emerge victorious.

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The ultimate goal of Tales of Elleria is to assemble a top-notch team and work with other players to defeat Ignacio and bring peace to the city. The dragon's lair is located in uncharted territories and is heavily guarded by monsters and treacherous landscapes. Players must complete enough quests to uncover the surrounding area and find a way to reach Ignacio.


In Tales of Elleria, players must summon their heroes into the game world. This process involves bringing the Hero On-Chain and into the player's MetaMask wallet, followed by soul binding to bring the hero into Elleria. At launch, there will be 10,000 Genesis heroes available, each serving as an avatar for the player. The heroes come in four Classes (Warrior, Assassin, Mage, and Ranger) with three levels of rarity: Common, Epic, and Legendary. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses, affecting the player's gameplay. The heroes can also equip gear to aid them in battles and go on assignments/quests for rewards.

Skills are powerful actions that players can use during quests and in combat. Each skill has a unique use and can greatly benefit the player in various scenarios, particularly in team dungeons where heroes can support each other. New classes released in the future will bring new skills to the table, each with its own unique traits. These skills will add complexity to the combat system, enabling the infliction of different status effects and offering unique class behaviors. Currently, traits are pre-determined, but may be further developed as the game matures. Traits have a significant impact on a hero's behavior during quests, for example, altering their reactions when defending

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Questing is an essential component of the game. To begin a quest, players must dispatch their heroes from the city gates to a chosen region and stage. By completing quests, players can earn $ELM, Medals, and NFTs that aid their progression in the game and can be traded in the Market Place. On quests, heroes will face off against enemies in turn-based battles similar to Pokemon, with options for both offense and defense. Players must strategically use their heroes to overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

Items and Relics

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Players can get hold of various items and relics through different means in the game, such as merchants, quests, and defeated monsters. This can include monster drops, crafting components, and even artifacts. Through the crafting system, players can dismantle, refine, and upgrade items to make powerful scrolls, consumables, equipment, and accessories. The crafting system in Tales of Elleria aims to provide depth while also being user-friendly for new players. The crafting process is streamlined in the form of a gameplay loop, making it easier to understand. The steps to obtain items:

  1. Go on quests and defeat monsters for monster drops
  2. Dismantle the monster drops into basic components (upgrade if necessary)
  3. Craft consumables, equipment, or artifacts
  4. Use the equipment or consumables and artifacts as needed.

Items in Tales of Elleria can be categorized into five different types, each with its own purpose in the game. These categories are further divided into six tiers of rarity based on their border color. The categories are:

  1. Crafting Components
  2. Artifacts
  3. Consumables
  4. Upgrade Materials
  5. Miscellaneous items

How to Get Started

Tales of Elleria is currently playable directly through the browser version of the game.

About Tales of Elleria

Tales of Elleria

Tales of Elleria is an exciting role-playing game where players can summon heroes, take on assignments, go on quests and epic adventures to conquer the unknown.