Superior Update Adds 22 New Powers and Hero Hit List Feature

Superior receives a significant update, adding the Hero Hit List feature and 22 new hero powers across all elements for players to experiment with.

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Superior, the action-packed web3 game, has just received a massive update, bringing a plethora of new features that will enhance the gameplay experience. The update includes the Hero Hit List feature, which allows players to hunt down evil heroes and unlock new powers by defeating bosses and completing goals. Additionally, the update adds 22 new and updated hero powers, with some existing powers receiving significant changes.

Fire, Ice, Xeno, Force, and Volt heroes have all received new and updated powers. For example, Fire heroes can now use Meltdown to kill enemies at 20% and create a Lava Pool, and then use Hot Pad to consume it and grant Fireform. Ice heroes can use Chilling Shot to cause Chill, and Aerial Ice to create Ice Sheets when they use Powered Jump. Xeno heroes can now use Gruesome Meal to spawn Blood Bags when they cause explosions, and Healing Factor to restore health with kills while transformed.

The update also includes gameplay improvements. The Weapon Depot will now open every time players return to the bar, and weapon prices have been adjusted to be relative to the current threat level rather than escalating in price. The Snack Machine now only opens in the first bar, and all snacks now last the entire duration of the run. The end of mission wrap-up screen now breaks down how XP is awarded, and gigs now universally reward more XP. Additionally, Gala Leaderboard rewards now go to the top 25% instead of the top 10%.

On top of that, Superior's latest update includes six-tier rarity (orange) items, with 4-tier rarity (purple) items now dropping at threat level 2 instead of level 3. When choosing a Super Weapon, players are now prompted which weapon they wish to replace. There are now new customization menu icons and includes improvements to Nomad’s Orbital Laser and Exploder damage and radius.

Finally, Lockdown freeze time has been increased from 1.2s to 2s, and Lava Explosions now spawn a Lava Pool directly below enemies. Puncture now prevents Exploders from producing Sticky and Slime puddles.

With all these new features and improvements, Superior fans are sure to be thrilled with this update. Players can now experience even more exciting gameplay and discover new ways to dominate their enemies.

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September 6th 2023


March 14th 2023

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