Superior Releases Outta This World Major Update

Discover the latest Superior update featuring a new map, power and item updates, weapon tweaks, character changes, and more.

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Superior's "Outta This World Update" introduces a range of exciting features that will have players thrilled to explore new battlegrounds and enjoy improved gameplay mechanics. The update includes a brand-new map called Offworld, where players can engage in battles on an alien planet and its abandoned space colony to stop Revolt's plans to dominate Beta Earth.

One of the key updates in this release is the Power & Item Updates. The game now features a new Loot UI and FX, as well as adjustments to Volt, Xeno, and Ice Powers. A new superweapon called Ice Hands has also been introduced, allowing players to chill enemies by shooting cold air from their palms. Additionally, item changes have been made to the Explosive Resistant Armor and Relentless, improving gameplay balance.

Weapon Updates are part of this latest release, with new weapons such as Commando SMG, Buzzkill, T.H.U.D., and Kingbird being introduced. Tweaks have been made to the Commander's Pistol, including adjustments to its accuracy penalty and magazine capacity. The Superior DMR, Superior Shotgun, and Superior SMG have also been removed from the game.

Character & Skill Changes have been implemented to improve the gaming experience. Ronin has received adjustments to his Beatdown armor bonus and Blade Master skill, while Nomad's Ricochet, One In the Chamber, and Orbital Laser abilities have been improved. Murmur has had starting weapons and skills replaced, and a new skill called Distraction has been added to his arsenal.

What change do you think will affect your Superior experience the most?

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September 6th 2023


April 19th 2023

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