Superior Goes Open Season; Adds Leaderboard Competition

Superior is celebrating May Mayhem, opening the game to all on the Gala Games Platform, with an added leaderboard competition and GYRI integration for enhanced gameplay.

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Superior is declaring an open season on superheroes this May. Starting Monday, May 15th, the game will be open to all on the Gala Games Platform, offering two weeks of action-packed gameplay until May 30th.

The leaderboard competition will begin during the second week of the event, from May 22nd to May 29th. Hunters can compete for extra supplies in Challenge runs. The leaderboard rewards, based on final placement, include:

  • Top 50 solo leaderboard players will receive an Uncommon Murmur or Uncommon Nomad.
  • Top 25% of players on each leaderboard will receive a new NFT backpack.

Top hunters who qualify can receive both rewards, adding a new bag and a new Prime Character to their haul.

Superior is set to integrate GYRI soon, bringing along new features, leaderboard rewards, and character customization. Additional weaponry like the Energizer, Plasma Pistol, and Revolver Magnum is on the horizon, adding more firepower to the arsenal.

Upon full release of these features, players loading into Superior using the Gala Games Platform will use their NFT Characters to access the entire Web3 experience. While completing missions, players will obtain Challenge Keys, providing access to a special, fixed-seed leaderboard run. The top 25% of the leaderboard will receive points each week, which can be redeemed for $GALA based on the Rewards Pool.

Players will soon be able to customize their Character with loot from their runs and even mint them into their own NFTs. The game will also introduce Minting Gizmos, special items that allow players to turn found items into an NFT on GYRI. These can be found rarely throughout normal gameplay or purchased from the Superior Store.

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