Sunflower Land Announce Treasure Island Expansion

Sunflower Land revealed their Treasure Island expansion, the first of many island expansions that will give players new characters, quests, lore and special items to discover

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Sunflower Land is a farm simulation game designed to educate users about the workings of business, all while building a thriving, fun-filled farm. Players can cultivate crops and scavenge for resources, prepare and cook food, and craft items. These can then be traded with other players to expand and grow their business empire. The game's first expansion, Treasure Island, filled with tons of content for players to consume. This includes new characters, quests, lore and special items as well.

If you want to reach Sunflower Land's Treasure Island, head to the boat located to the south of your main island. Keep in mind that Treasure Island is dangerous, and your Bumpkin needs to be Level 10 before it can make the journey. The purpose of Treasure Island is to provide players with an opportunity to use up the resources they gather on the main island, and earn SFL, collect food, and acquire rare decorations.

This is known as a sink feature in game design, as it requires players to invest more resources than they receive. Typically, players can expect to get back around 70-80% of their resource costs. The remaining percentage includes food, rare decorations, and items that don't negatively impact SFL. Refer to the drop rates and usefulness of treasures below. To see an up-to-date list of items, check out the "Treasure Trove" in-game, which can be accessed by visiting the pirate to the left of the digging area.

What do you think of Sunflower Land's expansion? What do you want to see next from the development studio?

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September 21st 2023


February 15th 2023

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