Sunflower Land Solar Flare Season Goes Live March 8th

Sunflower Land players will enjoy Solar Flare Season starting March 8th with a lot of new content and features.

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Sunflower Land is about to launch its Solar Flare Season on Wednesday, 8th March, and it's bringing some exciting new features with it. This first season at Sunflower Land is all about feedback and improvements, and players can expect to see vivid auroras dancing across the sky, ranging from brilliant greens to shimmering pinks and purples during this awe-inspiring time of year.

During the Solar Flare Season, players can earn Solar Flare tickets at the Grub Shop and/or by harvesting all types of crops. These tickets can be used to purchase limited edition items that are only available until the end of the season or they sell out. The Goblin Blacksmith will be offering six rare items, including the beach ball decoration, Karkinos, Collectible Bear, Cabbage Boy, Cabbage Girl, and Palm Tree.

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The beach ball decoration is a colourful and bouncy addition to your beach paradise, while Karkinos is the Giant Crab defender of Gods and leafy vegetables. The Collectible Bear decoration is perfect for any bear-lover and collector, while the Cabbage Boy provides a boost of +0.25 Cabbage. The Cabbage Girl, on the other hand, boosts the speed of cabbages by 50%. And if you have both the Cabbage Boy and Cabbage Girl, the Cabbage Boy Boost is increased to +0.40.

In addition to the limited edition items, the Solar Flare Season also introduces Bumpkin Wearables. During the season, special event Bumpkins will appear for players to mint rare wearables. Moreover, players can earn Solar Flare tickets to purchase these limited edition items by visiting the Grub Shop and harvesting crops.

While Treasure Island is available during the Solar Flare Season, no seasonal animals will be available during this inaugural season. This season is all about feedback and improvements, so players are encouraged to provide feedback to help Sunflower Land make improvements for upcoming seasons.

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